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TheFreeKick Run Supporting SeeBeyondBorders Cambodia
TheFreeKick Run Supporting SeeBeyondBorders Cambodia

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Colm Byrne

Fundraising For SeeBeyondBorders
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Supporting children in Cambodia to receive an education.

Cambodia's economy has been decimated by COVID-19 with tourism down 99% and hundreds of thousands of garment workers now unemployed. Many parents will be faced with extreme poverty and have to choose between their children working and provide an income for the families or keeping their child in school.

SeeBeyondBorders' Conditional Cash Payment Programme provides a small grant to families whose household income is less than €70 a month. Parents receive an annual grant of €60 provided their child attends school regularly. This means children can stay in school rather than being forced to work in rice fields or extremely low income jobs. All support from thefreekick posters is thoroughly valued and appreciated.


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  • Many thanks to any user of TFK for considering to donate to our charity in Cambodia. It is greatly appreciated.
    10 May 2020

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