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Fiona Baldwin's I'm a Loreto Celeb fundraiser
Fiona Baldwin's I'm a Loreto Celeb fundraiser

€ 425.00

Target : € 500.00
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Fiona Baldwin

Fundraising For Loreto Hockey Club
Latest Update !!

I'm doing I'm a Loreto Celeb to fundraise for Loreto Hockey Club, where Izzy and I both play. Your support is very much appreciated.


Thanks for taking the time to visit my fundraising page. I'm taking part in I'm a Loreto Celeb on Saturday 28th of March 2020 to support Loreto Hockey Club, where Izzy and myself play. Loreto is so much more than a hockey club. It is a massive family. The girls are supported and encouraged as they grow and you only have to look at the smiles on their faces at training to see how much they love to be a part of the club.

For my part, I went back to play hockey socially about a year ago and haven't looked back. Aside from the odd bruise, lost toenail or broken rib, I have had a ball at matches and training sessions. If it wasn't for the Vets 2, my weight loss journey would have been a much more solitary one...  

Read more about I'm a Loreto Celeb. All funds raised here will go directly to this great club, which is 2020 was nominated European Club of the Year!

I hope you can help me by donating whatever you can. Simply click the Donate button. All donations are processed securely.
And if you could share my page to spread the word, I would really appreciate it.

Thanks again for your support. All that remains now is for me to practice eating cockroaches. Up the Red Team!!!


@AineMaps The Fortress of Boredom will ably assist

Thu Oct 29 07:42:19 - 0 Favorite

@doshea3 I love this series David. Keep em coming!

Thu Oct 29 07:38:36 - 1 Favorite

And so it begins! Not to late to sign up for what promises to be a cracking conference. And its FREE too... Click o…

Thu Oct 29 07:33:30 - 4 Favorite

@niallkinsella Happy birthday Niall. X

Thu Oct 29 07:28:39 - 0 Favorite

@doshea3 Is that me gazing up at you admiringly?

Wed Oct 28 19:11:16 - 2 Favorite

Counting down... while furiously polishing my own presentation. Excited. Terrified. 😬😬😬

Tue Oct 27 16:28:28 - 9 Favorite

@CathAMClarke @The_DCF @tcddublin Stunning. Think I would be getting myself a plate stand for that beauty!

Tue Oct 27 16:24:08 - 2 Favorite

@marionmckeone Nailed it! Bravo SBC.

Tue Oct 27 08:44:59 - 2 Favorite

@garvangrant 😂

Mon Oct 26 19:51:31 - 1 Favorite

Been offline for the last few days. Has @realDonaldTrump crawled back into his cave yet or is still busy playing th…

Mon Oct 26 18:05:29 - 0 Favorite



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Ian Brady


All the very best Fiona!!! You go get em girl!!!!

Cheers m'dear. I'll be getting something alright... but it will most likely be a dodgy stomach illness after ingesting worm smoothies LOL

Gemma Fitzsimons


Best of luck Fiona !

Thanks a mil Gemma. I'll be needing luck... and shots probably... ;)

James Baldwin


You're the best. Always there to support me through my moments of madness... and this time it's no different. Love you xxx

Angela Brady


I would love to go support Fiona but holy shit can't go anywhere near those snakes!! My skin is crawling here at the thoughts - you are truly mad - MAD!!

Ah thanks Angela. Give me the snakes anytime. t's the spiders I dread. Mad is right 😂

Eileen G


I’m surprised you’re not baking critters into a cake 🤢

Thanks Eileen. Am looking for some decent wine pairing suggestions for the critter buffet, so get your thinking cap on 😂🍸

Archbold Rita


Good luck Fiona with the event hope it goes well.

Thanks so much for your generous contribution Rita, and for the moral support. Suspect it might be the death of me, but at least I know of a great choir who can sing at my funeral. ;)



Fair balls to you Fiona.

Cheers Bronnie. Had said 2020 was the year of trading things but bush tucker and bugs was not quite what I had in mind 😱🤔

Caroline Duffy



Thanks a mil Caroline. Will you hold my hair for me on the night too? 🤢🤣

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