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Oranmore Arts Festival's Fundraising Page

Oranmore Arts Festival's Fundraising Page

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Oranmore Arts Festival will take place from 16th - 19th May 2019. Please donate to contribute to a wonderful programme of events!

Oranmore Arts Festival

Arts and Music Festival in Oranmore, County Galway...

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Oranmore Arts Festival endeavours to provide four days of events for all in our vibrant village of Oranmore. Your donation will go directly to the creation of memories, inspiration and entertainment celebrating tradition, art, music and culture in our vibrant community. 

We look forward to welcoming you to one of the many events taking place between the 16th and 19th May 2019. Visit our website or facbook page to stay up to date on our programme of events for this year. 




We are looking for someone to come on board and take over the role of Secretary for our great organization. If you…

Fri Jul 12 21:57:22 - 8 Favorite

A great day at @PalasGalway with a great panel of speakers including members from @theatre_bru @ISACSIreland…

Thu Jun 27 19:29:17 - 8 Favorite

@DemiAnter @GlastoFest Wellies are both a fashion item and a necessity @GlastoFest each year Demi. I'm sure you'll…

Sun Jun 23 11:50:10 - 2 Favorite

RT @galway2020: Following April’s open call, we’re delighted to be supporting representatives from Galway-based arts organisations @Branart

Wed Jun 12 10:56:43 - 0 Favorite

RT @unboxedoranmore: What type of person are you? You drive by a #carbootsale or you stop... You decide to buy #Themuppetshow on #vinyl or…

Wed Jun 12 10:56:01 - 0 Favorite

RT @GalwayAquarium: Sam the Seagull has flown in from @OranmoreArts #flotsam project to #educate people about #PlasticPollution #WeAreIslan…

Fri Jun 07 16:12:43 - 0 Favorite

@GalwayAquarium He looks settled in already 😁

Fri Jun 07 16:12:38 - 1 Favorite

@galwaytourism We had one hell of a night here only last Saturday with @mundyirl playing to a full house as part of our #festival!!

Thu May 23 17:33:44 - 4 Favorite

In full swing at the claddagh hall now as part of #luxe street show! Might just be a taste of things to come for…

Wed May 22 23:10:48 - 1 Favorite

Moved to middle street if you want to catch luxe...heading to #lynchs castle now!

Wed May 22 22:23:47 - 0 Favorite
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Oranmore Arts Festival
Arts and Music Festival in Oranmore, County Galway...