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The Tara Sheridan Dip in The Nip

Type of Event : Swimming
Where : Glanmire, Cork
When : 2nd September 2018
Description :
Tara heard about the trip to Sligo and after borrowing her Mums dressing gown she headed off on her trip. Alone. She was not sure what to expect but she knew to expect something. She got there and typical Tara made friends immediately. Little did everyone know that she could be quite shy and had spent a childhood getting over shyness. That night though everyone sat around and told their story. Some-thing that gave Tara enormous encouragement. The following morning the group gathered together and did the first Dip in the Nip. Letting go and saying enough to Cancer.
The Dip in the Nip is about releasing that fear for patients, remembering those that have passed for family and friends and for those who do the dip for their own private struggles a way of drawing a line in the sand for overcoming something or achieving something private and important.
People come in Teams, Families, Support Groups and some people have travelled from the other side of the country alone. Because like that first group they felt compelled to say .Enough.
This year we once again say. Enough and Dare to Bare in the fight against Cancer.
The Dip this year is on 2nd September on a beach somewhere in Cork
We are having the biggest Beach party yet in aid of The Cork Dragons and Marymount Hospice, and we again have our Mini Dippers Dip.
If you would like to register please email us at
[email protected]
You will be sent your Registrations forms and all relevant information regarding this years Dip in the Nip.
We look forward to seeing you all there. 

Contact Information

Contact : John collins
Phone : 0873152154
Completed on 2nd September 2018

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