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** Edited to add **

Rest in Peace Barry, we send our condolences to the Coughlan family at this time. In a strange twist of fate only five days after we launched this fundraiser in Barry's name with the blessing of his parents & sister - his car was found after 17 long excruciating years for his family. This lucky search was thankfully made by the Cork City Missing Persons Search and Recovery the week of the 26th May 2021.

We would like to extend our gratitude to them for the work that they do.

"We cant stress how important it is that these organizations have the funds available to them for the necessary up to date equipment which enables them to carry out searches which prove successful. These past few days have proved exactly just how important it is that they continue to have access to current equipment." - Donna Coughlan Smyth

Barry's car was detected by the CCMPSR using a new side scan sonar unit known as a 'StarFish' at a cost of €10,000, this new equipment proved essential in the recovery of the vehicle after 17 years, even a search of the same area done only 18 months ago with older equipment would not have proved successful.

What people don't know is that the CCMPSR only received a grant of €3000 towards the cost of this sonar unit. They are not government funded and rely heavily on donations to keep going. 

We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to the team that stayed on the pier for over 48 hours after the discovery, until the safe retrieval of the car from the water. Their dedication to the families of the missing has to be commended, volunteering their time to make sure as many families as they can get closure and get to bring their loved ones home. Please help us in supporting them so they can continue their work to help other families nationwide, all monies raised, will be donated in Barry Coughlan's name 


My 7 year old autistic son Bodhi (7) will be kicking off this fundraiser on 19th June doing a 5k walk to raise funds for Cork City Missing Persons Search and Recovery, Marymount Hospice and Mallow Search and Rescue.
He will be dressed as a superhero for these superheroes who do phenomenal work.
This is Bodhi's Kilimanjaro as it is a huge undertaking for him.


Following on from our initial fundraising efforts for #20KforKilimanJ where we just raised in excess of €60,000 for autism ahead of our Kilimanjaro climb later in 2021, we are delighted that each of the chosen charities and schools now have this minimum of €20,000 each which is incredible.

Content with the knowledge they now have that money at minimum, we would really love to focus our efforts in helping three charities that are very close to our hearts, which are Marymount Hospice Cork, Mallow Search and Rescue & Cork City Missing Persons Search and Recovery which is what this ifundraise page is set up to do.

Our family spent a few months in Marymount a few years ago, prior to the pandemic and we saw first hand how our loved ones were looked after so well with dignity and care to the very end. We had a family room, we knew the staff by their first name, we were shown the use of the kitchen to make a round of cuppas where we could take some time out as we cried not fully grasping that this was all even happening. It was an environment that was not at all clinical but insistent on being a place of comfort, where the staff respected your privacy but at the same time could determine any slight change or deterioration with a quick glance. They welcomed us trying to keep things as normal as possible, you are tinkering on a fine line of knowing it is a hospice but also not wanting your loved one to have any fear, you are trying to keep things as normal as can be to the end, bringing in oils for massage, nail varnish to paint toes, we even ran out for a Chinese when they wanted to try it but knew they never could, when they asked we jumped, thrilled alone with the request. It was of paramount importance things remained the same for them, that we kept our humour and wit to the end, we even brought in a full size stuffed pink unicorn called Monica, we cried tears of laughter that day, a visit I will treasure forever. Marymount was where we were always accommodated and accepted, where we could fulfil personal requests and even though we took shifts between us as a family to leave others members take a break, you were always recognised and welcomed by staff on your return. There was no other place of its kind that could have possibly given us that opportunity in those horrific circumstances and like thousands of other families, we will forever be grateful to them.

We also have dear friends who experienced the very same so we would like to donate any monies raised to Marymount in our loved ones names.

We also will be fundraising for Mallow Search and Rescue and Cork City Missing Persons Search and Recovery. A friend of ours was missing from Crosshaven for 17 years and having spoken to his family, they suggested that we help these two organizations as they are amazing people who work closely together and go all over the country as volunteers to find missing people. They really need the funding as they are not government funded, even just to keep their vehicles going and running on the road to be ready to go should any family need it, is paramount in keeping their organization afloat. Time is of the essence in these situations, they cant be delayed, the smallest of clues and trails can disappear with the elements in a matter of hours. These are the people who answer your call day or night if you cannot find your loved one, they are the ones even 17 years later are still reviewing cases and looking out. They are the ones that remember the license plate and clothes that they were wearing. They are the people who remain in touch and check in. When you cannot catch your breath due to the loss, when you are waiting every single day for news, they are the ones that never give up on your loved one, life goes on for everyone else but not for the family or the volunteers who always remain committed to finding them. 

Any monies raised will be handed over to these amazing organizations in our friend Barry Coughlan's name.

We feel we have an opportunity and a platform to try and help other deserving charities also, so we would love to raise some funds for the above organizations which are very dear to us. 

We know we are incredibly blessed with people rooting for us, for our commitment to climb Kilimanjaro against all the odds, no matter what is thrown our way and that people are invested in following our journey. It is of paramount importance to us that we make good on our promise of completing the climb and know that we are earning every single euro that is fundraised by being on that mountain for nine days which will be documented on social media so people can track our progress daily. 

I really appeal to you from the bottom of my heart to support our Part 2 Fundraiser #10KforKilimanJ, to also give others an opportunity to receive some well earned fundraising money. We only have a few weeks to pull this off but I know it can be done, as miracles can be achieved when people pull together. The work all of these people do is nothing short of legendary and should you ever find yourself in the position of hospice care or needing someone to help you search for a loved one, these are the very people who will be holding your hand the whole way through.

Many thanks 
Lenore x

Please note that this ifundraise page will remain open so people can donate until we return from Tanzania.
100% of all monies raised will be split between the above named - Marymount Hospice, Mallow Search & Rescue and Cork City MIssing Persons Search and Recovery on our return. 

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