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Cameroon 2020

Cameroon has a population of the 23 million people of which more than 40% are living in poverty, mostly in rural areas. The factors holding Cameroon back are complex, though budget austerity and general governmental inefficiency are at the heart of many of the country’s development headaches.

This lack of infrastructure, which limits transportation, has cut off many of those who live in rural areas. People living outside urban cities & towns do not have access to fundamental resources and are typically marooned from any real labor opportunities.

Less than 40% of the population have access to piped drinking water. And fewer than half of Cameroonians have proper sanitation facilities. Illnesses linked to unsafe water and poor hygiene, such as cholera and diarrhoea, are a regular threat.

With a severe shortage of medical professionals – there are fewer than two doctors for every 10,000 people – the Cameroonian health system struggles to offer even basic services to sustain life.

With a severe shortage of doctors, health services in Cameroon are often provided by nurses.  Based on 2009 data, 5% of the adult population (440,000 people) were living with HIV/AIDS.

Adequate funding is lacking. To improve the availability of services and drugs, a fee-based system was introduced. This allows medical facilities to charge fees for services and treatments.

It is widely recognized that the charging of fees in Cameroon’s hospitals has resulted in patients dying because they are unable to pay for treatment.

43 percent of the Cameroon population has little or no primary education. What’s more, 67 percent of the population that is of working-age has received no post-school training, leading to a significantly higher level of unemployment among the youth, especially those living in rural areas.

This walk will donate all funds to help fund the delivery of a 40ft Container to Cameroon full of medical equipment and other items to include an Ambulance to those who need it most.

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