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The Plum Village Community in Ireland with support of Mindfulness Ireland clg.


Goal : €5000
From 93 fantastic supporters

Weʼre raising funds to offer our financial help at this challenging time to Plum Village as the Irish Plum Village Community of practice with support of Mindfulness Ireland clg. We set the target of €5,000 but are very happy to go beyond that target should conditions be favourable.

Perhaps you may already have donated to help our Plum Village pratice centres recently. If not please take some time to read this message from Sister Chan Khong. 

"Today I am writing to you because our community is facing an unprecedented challenge. As the virus spread rapidly across the world, the Plum Village practice centers could not keep their doors open to the public. Our living conditions, in close proximity, made it impossible to guarantee the well-being and safety of our retreatants. Entirely dependent on retreat fees, we are now struggling to meet our most basic needs. We have to feed, house and provide health care for almost 600 monastics living in 10 practice centers worldwide. We will not be able to make it through this crisis alone. We place our trust in the generosity of our sangha and we humbly ask for your help.

Some of you might have heard or read my story about a handful of rice. When I was a young student living in Vietnam, during the war, there were so many people suffering, so many hungry families and children in the slums. I needed to do something and so I went from house to house, asking for just one handful of rice to help feed the children. Most people could spare a handful of rice, and together we filled big bags which we brought to our friends who had little to eat. This is the incredible strength of sangha, of solidarity, of taking care of each other.

It is in the same spirit that I write to you today. I will not ask for much because we know that you might be struggling yourself. My request is that if you have a little bit to spare to consider offering a “handful of rice” to your spiritual family. The Plum Village monastics live simply, our daily food budget is 4 € per person. A gift of 28 € provides food for a monastic for an entire week. Small numbers can make a big difference."

With gratitude.

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    €100.00 16-09-2020
  • Anonymous

    Thich Nhat Hanh through his books and cd's has been a wonderful companion on my spiritual journey. Ten years ago my daughter gifted me the opportunity to hear him speak in London along with Sr True Emptiness (I think) - long story but strengthened my belief in synchronicity - keep up the good work

  • Des Grogan

  • hainsworth

  • Elaine

    Wishing all the brothers and sisters well in the plum village community. Many thanks for your online Dharma talks during this time. 🙏🏻

    €25.00 28-08-2020