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Marcus Matthews for Seanad NUI Panel


Goal : €5000
From 13 fantastic supporters

Hello and welcome to my campaign donations page, which is hosted by Irish based and world leading crowdfunding company iFundraise!

My name is Marcus Matthews and I am seeking election to Seanad Eireann to represent NUI graduates and Irish citizens who live at home and around the world.

I am an independent multi-issue candidate and an advocate for progressive change, with proven public policy experience in Ireland. I have personally paid for all of my election costs thus far but I need your support in order to grow my campaign. I have set a fundraising goal that represents the minimum cost to run a one-person lean campaign over the coming weeks, so any donations raised in excess of the target will serve to enhance the reach and effectiveness of my campaign activities.

Unlike some candidates who have previously stood for election in the NUI constituency, I have invested considerable time to prepare an extensive election manifesto that is free of political rhetoric and lists actionable public policies, which I would seek to implement and influence through the legislative process. If you elect me, I will keep you regularly informed about the issues that I work on, such that you can use my manifesto to assess my progress. You can read my complete manifesto and find out more about me by visiting my website.

If elected, I will bring my own ideas to the table and work with my fellow representatives, civil society organizations and passionate individuals to address the key issues facing Ireland today, such as political reform; climate change and infrastructure; lower to middle income tax reform; healthcare, housing and social welfare.

Without your support, this campaign would not be possible. Any contribution, small or large, will go a long way to ensuring that I can reach more registered electors whose vote I am seeking.

Your donation will help to fund campaign activities like the design and printing of election materials, increased campaign management, website and social media promotion, as well as media engagements and the hosting of political outreach events.

In making your donation, please be reassured that irrespective of whether I am elected, any additional funds will be spent on the revitalization of the NUI constituency.

Please help me in my efforts to raise the standards of integrity, transparency and accountability in Irish politics.

With your help, we can implement genuine solutions for Ireland’s toughest challenges.

Thank you.




Under Irish electoral law, we can only accept donations from Irish people. The maximum amount that may be anonymously donated by any individual is €600. If you donate to us, we may contact you privately for verification purposes.

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  • Anonymous

    Fair play to you Marcus for acknowledging the vital role of the Defence Forces and the problems they face

    €20.00 31-03-2020
  • Anonymous

    Loved the section in your manifesto on animal welfare.

    €10.00 13-03-2020
  • Anonymous

    I’m a new parent, so childcare is a really important issue for me. I was happy to see that you gave this issue a lot of attention in your manifesto. The range of supports that you outlined tells me that either you have personal experience with this issue, or you just have a really good understanding of what needs to be done. Either way, you’re clearly in touch with reality, so you get my #1 vote.

    €20.00 13-03-2020
  • E O’Connor

    It’s nice to see a climate change candidate who understands the value that farmers create and supports environmental solutions that will actually work for us.

    €20.00 12-03-2020
  • Anonymous

    You have a bright future in politics Marcus. I especially liked your commitment to honesty and integrity, and your election promises about how you would conduct yourself and treat the role if elected. Good luck with your campaign and keep going no matter the outcome.

    €25.00 09-03-2020
  • Anonymous

    As somebody who has worked in the global health industry for over 10 years, I have seen how military security forces can be both an asset and a liability. I thought that your viewpoints on the future role of the Irish Defence Forces were extremely well informed, and I have read several studies which show how the self esteem of soldiers and their sense of worth is so much higher when they are involved with humanitarian work. The rest of your manifesto was as equally well informed, and your website election promises are exactly what’s needed. You have my support!

    €20.00 08-03-2020