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Tuam Mill Museum Restoration

On the new M17 approach to Tuam, Tuam Mill Museum is signposted as one of the attractions of the town. However, although the Mill contains all the machinery of the original Water Mill in working order, it is not possible to open it to the public at present, as important remedial work needs to be carried out. This is why the Trustees of the Mill are appealing for the public’s support to make the Mill accessible again.

The Mill Trustees and Volunteers plan to build on their past efforts, which resulted in the re-opening of the Miller’s Cottage as a community space, and the restoration to working order of the Mill Wheel. Replacing the asbestos roof is the next step to re-opening The Little Mill as Tuam Mill Museum. We hope that many people, who have fond memories of the Mill and Riverbank, will assist us in this development.

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Best wishes for next phase of Restoration at Mill


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