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Blackrock College Outreach Programme

In Kenya, secondary education is not government funded, hence the idea back in 2010 to come together as a COMMUNITY and buiLd a secondary school for boys in the village of Sultan Hamud in Machakos in KENYA. It first opened it's doors in 2014 and has capacity for over 500 boys to attend. It is a boarding school as the boys are from nomadic tribes. We are giving the boys HOPE, a roof over their heads and regular meals, but most of all the OPPORTUNITY TO LEARN and BE THEIR BEST.
Having built the secondary boarding school , we are now starting to build a Technical school to teach trades such as Building, Electrical and Plumbing. To provide education and further opportunity in an area where there is little. With YOUR SUPPORT, this great work can continue - kindly sponsor us now by clicking on the link


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Blackrock College, Williamstown, Blackrock, Dublin, IRELAND - A94FK84