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Schools 4 Peace: Native Tree Carbon Offsetting


Goal : €25000
From 19 fantastic supporters

Inspired by students taking part in #GlobalClimateStrikeforFuture at a time of Climate Emergency, Ireland-based Schools For Peace & Sustainability (S4PS) has decided to ACT NOW by donating 16,500 trees to help in offsetting Ireland’s carbon emissions. This equates to one tree per Irish student who marched in the last rally on March 25th in preparation for the upcoming strike on May 24th.

We’re challenging businesses and individuals to join us in taking responsibility for Ireland’s carbon emissions by matching our donation of 16,500 trees or contributing to the cause! Help us in reaching our target of 30,000 trees!

Businesses can contribute directly on this website or contact one of our team [email protected]  

Business contributions include:

€5,000 plants 6,250 native Irish trees

€2,000 plants 2,500 native Irish trees

€1,000 plants 1,250 native Irish trees

€500 plants 580 native Irish trees

Individual contributions include:
€100 plants 110 native Irish trees
€50 plants 56 native Irish trees
€20 plants 20 native Irish trees
€10 plants 10 native Irish trees

The trees will be planted by Green Belt, the Schools for Peace & Sustainability certified forestry services partner. Native species to be planted included Pedunculate Oak, Birch, Holly, Rowan and Hazel. These trees won’t just offset carbon, but will restore much needed habitat to Ireland's declining wildlife populations.

As Larry Millard, CEO of Schools for Peace & Sustainability said,  “We’re standing with the striking students, teachers, academics, scientists and all those who are against #ClimateInjustice. There is an evident void in real climate leadership on the business & political landscape in Ireland and we want that to change, today. We’re asking businesses to join us in taking responsibility for Ireland's carbon emissions, join us and match our donation of 16,500 trees for Direct Action”.

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  • Anonymous

    €52.50 26-07-2019
  • Anonymous

    Delighted to see the students take on this issue as our politicians and business people are too greedy and cynical to sort it the problem.

    €50.00 02-07-2019
  • Galway Woodturners guild

    Hi, we just wanted to make a donation as what you are doing is very close to our hearts and means a lot. Thank you

    €105.00 10-06-2019
  • Anonymous

    €10.50 30-05-2019
  • Kayla Gray

    Mup the environment

    €10.00 29-05-2019
  • Louis and Eliza

    For my babies

    €10.50 27-05-2019