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Run to Plant Trees

Run to Plant Trees is a cause and a call for climate action created by Baiba Šustere, the founder and creator of Yoga-B, an avid runner and nature lover, who is based in Galway, Ireland.
On November 11, 2018, Baiba ran her first marathon - the Athens Authentic Marathon - and it was for her an absolutely exhilarating yet eye opening experience. During the summer of 2018, a part of the Athens Marathon course had devastating wildfires which resulted in lost lives, destruction of property, and large decimated forest areas.
To show support for this tragedy the organisers of the Athens Authentic Marathon launched "Runners' Forest", an initiative seeking to plant trees over a 4 km stretch along the decimated marathon course. Before the race each participant received a green bandana that read "Runner's Forest" both in Greek and English, and runners were asked to put the bandanas on to show their support for the cause.
Throughout the Athens Marathon Baiba couldn't stop thinking about the devastating situation that the whole world is in, and the urgency needed to address climate crisis. “Our house is on fire" to quote Greta Thunberg; and so Baiba's first marathon sparked an idea for an initiative to Run to Plant Trees.

Run to Plant Trees is a year long fundraiser during which Baiba will run 2 half marathons, 3 marathons and 1 ultra marathon, altogether 232 km. The aim is to raise enough funds to plant 10 trees for each km ran during these 6 races, equaling to 2320 trees.
With this Baiba hopes to bring a bit more awareness to the current climate crises, plant some trees and encourage each of you to do something you thought you will never achieve.

To plant trees Baiba will be working closely with Hometree charity (RCN 20100995), which is based on the Atlantic coast of Ireland in Co. Clare.
Run to Plant Trees will begin with the Connemara Marathon on Sunday, April 14, 2019, and will finish the Connemara Ultra Marathon in April, 2020. Further details to be announced throughout the year. 

All funds raised (excluding race entry fees) during this project will be donated to Hometree charity to plant native Irish trees - willow, birch, oak - on the West Coast of Ireland.
All those who support will also have an opportunity to come along to a special Tree Planting day in April, 2020, together with Hometree and Baiba, to breathe some fresh air and plant some trees.

Follow this project on Instagram: @runtoplanttrees
For collaborations, questions or support get in touch: [email protected]

Let's run and plant some trees!




Treise leat!


Rebecca Anne Barr

In awe.




Siobhan Cunningham

Well done on this, Baiba...what a great legacy x


Ellen Kelly

Let’s plant more trees!!!


Martina Carroll

What a brilliant idea and cause. Best of luck!


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Status updated: 19th Jun, 2019

I am on my way back to Galway, after an absolutely magical and mainly unplugged/off grid month. My heart is full and my mind is quiet. ❤️
- - -
🏕This month was filled with wild camping, hiking, swimming, weeding, planting, digging, laughter, smiles and tears and it was filled with trees and me hugging A LOT of trees.

🌲This tree right here is a special one. Around 15 years ago I started coming to this tree, hug it and just be in its presence. I still go back to it every time I am home. I always thought it’s a pine tree, it has pine trees all around, however as my mom pointed out to me few years ago it’s a larch. Nevertheless, I still call it my pine tree.

If you haven’t yet, go hug a tree, exchange some stories and just enjoy being in its presence. Guaranteed mood booster!
- - -
Let’s reforest the West Coast of Ireland together and make it greener, so we can all hug a tree:
- - -
Run to Plant Trees is working closely together with Hometree charity to reforest the West Coast of Ireland with native Irish trees.

#Galway #moretreesplease

Status updated: 17th Jun, 2019

Green is good. Nature heals.
Two hours is so little, it’s one movie or two episodes of a TV show. Go out and soak up all that nature has to offer! 🌳👣🌲
- - -
Let’s reforest the West Coast of Ireland together and make it greener:
- - -
Run to Plant Trees is working closely together with Hometree charity to reforest the West Coast of Ireland with native Irish trees.

#runtoplanttrees #moretreesplease #Galway

Status updated: 11th Jun, 2019

Happy Tuesday all! 🌲👣🌳

What have you been up to?
You might have noticed a lack of running updates, to simply put it, I haven’t been running.
My tendonitis flared up just before a wild camping trip. Then I fell on my already flared up tendonitis and had a bruise and swelling across it.
Then I slipped twice down the stairs and had to stop myself with my already sore leg. I was glad to see it was strong enough with all the injury to save me from a fall.
So I am taking a rest and working on strength with a help of resistance band and some exercises.

So here is a photo of me running Connemara marathon on Sunday, April 14. Absolutely loved that race. 🖤

Wish me a speedy recovery. The best way to do it is by planting some trees.
Support and let’s reforest the West Coast of Ireland together:
- - -
Run to Plant Trees is working closely together with Hometree charity to reforest the West Coast of Ireland with native Irish trees.

#Galway #Connemara

Status updated: 5th Jun, 2019

Today is #WorldEnvironmentDay and this year’s theme is #BeatAirPollution.

There are many factors that affect the air quality and along with that also the quality of your life. Nobody is protected from air pollution. Air pollution is created by both human activities (industry, agriculture, household, waste, transport) and also natural processes, such as volcanic eruptions.

Did you know that 9 out of 10 people breathe polluted air? According to UN Environment “Air pollution is identified as most important health issue of our time.”

And it can be overwhelming to grasp it all, so I am here to remind you, that as an individual you CAN make a difference.

As an individual you can reduce air pollution from your own individual activities - grow your own food as much as possible, walk or cycle more, use public transport - and you can also demand systematic change from your government, and you can also PLANT TREES.

Trees capture carbon emissions, combat climate change, improve soil conditions, encourage wildlife and improve health and wellbeing to name but a few astonishing things that trees do.

I have pledged to run 232 km in 6 races over the next year and for each kilometre ran with your help I will plant 10 native Irish trees on the West Coast of Ireland through Hometree charity, that’s 2320 trees in total.

So on this World Environment Day and every day make small changes that will help us all to beat air pollution.

If you want to help me on my journey to plant 2320 trees on the West Coast of Ireland then click the link - - and plant a tree. 🌳👣🌲

#Galway #Ireland

Status updated: 5th Jun, 2019

I took a little bit over a week off from this space to fully disconnect from virtual world and fully connect to natural world.
I highly recommend it.

This time off I spent wild camping at Skuleskogen National Park, Sweden, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site thanks to the High Coast of Bothnian Sea.

I hiked a lot through the forests and over the boulders and slept in a tent or a cabin hidden between the trees.
And one of the most stunning experiences was seeing spruce pollen carried by wind just below the treetops; “[...] in a light breeze, enormous dusty clouds billow over coniferous forests in bloom, giving the impression of a fire smouldering beneath the treetops.” (“The Hidden Life of Trees” by Peter Wohlleben)

Did you know that there are male and female spruce trees? To avoid inbreeding spruce trees sync and blossom together, however male trees blossom few days ahead of female trees, so the latter blossoms would be dusted with the foreign pollen of other spruce.
- - -
- - -
Run to Plant Trees is working closely together with Hometree charity to reforest the West Coast of Ireland with native Irish trees.

#hiddenlifeoftrees #runtoplanttrees

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