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Team Uganda

Cause and Overview:

Team Uganda is a 16 person team from the Royal and Prior Comprehensive School in Raphoe, Co. Donegal. We will be heading to Uganda on the 23rd of October 2019, in conjunction with the charity, ‘Fields of Life’. Our school is twinned with Bethel Royal School in the Nakasongola District, in the central region of Uganda, and most of our work will be based there. We will be involved in delivering classroom based lessons to the students, as well as promoting the health of young people, through the project “I AM GIRL”. BUT, in addition to that, we will be looking to bring smiles to faces and happiness into people's lives, including our own! :)

Where your money goes:

A team from our school last visited Bethel Royal in 2014. During this mission, our team established the primary needs of the school. Money was raised, along with the Royal School in Dungannon, to fund the construction of a badly needed water pump. This has greatly helped the students and locals over there, providing them with a reliable source of fresh water. This time around, we are raising funds to run educational and health programmes. We’ll be fundraising for the necessary supplies to promote these programmes. In addition to this, we aim to establish the current needs of the school and the wider community so that we can help them grow and develop. A considerable amount of our time will be devoted to promoting education and in particular, the project, “I AM GIRL”. “I AM GIRL” is a health education initiative, passionate about educating both boys and girls, men and women, within our school network in East Africa to address the challenges faced by young girls today. Some of the challenges addressed through this initiative include menstrual health, gender equality, gender violence and school dropout rates.



Patricia & Adrian Keane

Well done & have a great trip


Fíona English, Joe & boys x

Wishing you all the best on your trip Tori, a fantastic and rewarding experience to be part of x




Tanya Stewart


Adrian Stewart

Good luck Tori & team.


Chantelle Hanlon