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DCM 2018 for Cancer Research and Cancer Support

Earlier this year, I was diagnosed with and treated for breast cancer. Luck, research, science and wonderful, wonderful medical professionals shone brightly on me and by April 23rd my treatment of surgery and radiotherapy was complete.

Life is good. It’s different, but really good...and I’m back running! In an attempt to give a small bit back, I’m running Dublin City Marathon on October 28th this year for two wonderful charities that have had a hugely positive impact on my treatment and recovery.

These are an invaluable cancer research charity, The Caroline Foundation (CCRT) and the amazing cancer support charity, ARC Cancer Support Centres. Any funds raised will be split 50/50 between both.

I'm running a table quiz in Foley’s on Merrion Row on October 12th at 7.00pm and would love your support.  However, if you can’t make it or that’s not your thing, and you’d still like to donate, then you can do so here.  All donations, big and small are appreciated, every penny makes a difference. 

Why these two charities?
The Caroline Foundation - If I had been diagnosed five years ago, my treatment plan would have been surgery, followed by chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Through advances in cancer research, I didn’t have to go through a lengthy and, likely painful, course of chemotherapy. The Caroline Foundation is a cancer research charity that works with Prof. John Crown, who was also my medical oncologist and a wonderfully honest, straight, generous and gifted medical professional. TCF was set up in honour of Caroline Dwyer-Hickey, the daughter of the Exec. Chairman of The CCD (where I work) and is also our chosen charity for 2018. There is so much wonderful research ongoing every day and I could have chosen one of many, but when it came to it, it felt right to choose The Caroline Foundation. Each member of the committee volunteers their time, energy and expertise to raise funds for cancer research. TCF has no paid employee.  The Caroline Foundation is a constituent of Cancer Clinical Research Trust (CCRT). Registered Charity No. CHY 12210 -   

ARC Cancer Support Centres - Ten days after I was diagnosed, a friend asked me to promise that I would, when the time was right, check out ARC. I did and am so grateful for her advice. ARC is one of those charities that appears to be under the radar and offers wonderful, tangible and practical help to cancer patients and their families. They offer courses such as acupuncture, meditation, counselling, relaxation, yoga, financial, integration to work and a relaxing place to just think and be. And all for free! I have used some of their supports and can vouch that they are amazing. Never once was I asked for a donation or suggested I support their fundraising efforts, yet they survive based on donations and fundraising from the public.  ARC was founded in 1994. It is a registered, independent Irish charity.  Registered Charity No. CHY 10857 –



Padraig, Lisa, Emma & James

Awesome 👏


Ann Tynan



Total admiration for you Suzanne


Helen Forbes

Delighted to donate. Great cause.



Very impressed Suzanne 👏🏼👏🏼! Running determination prevails 🏃‍♀️


Paul Mc Cormack

Well done Suzanne


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