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Helping Tallaght Hospital Support Patients with Myeloma (cancer) and Bone Marrow Failure

Quality of life in patients with myolema and bone marrow failure

The Haemotology Department at Tallaght Hospital provides care for patients with blood cancers including Myeloma, Lymphoma, and Acute and Chronic Leukemia. They have a special interest in the care of patients with bone marrow failure as a consequence of their disease or chemotherapy. This marrow failure results in low blood counts, frequent infections, and severe anaemia, and has a significant impact on patient's quality of life. 
Many patients with myeloma depend on transfusions, requiring frequent visits to the day ward for red cell and/or platelet transfusions, sometimes twice weekly. Each unit transfused takes up to 4 hours, and patients can require up to 2 units every 2 weeks, needing full-day visits to the day ward and additional visits to specialized blood testing. The complexity of timely provision of blood transfusion has a significant impact on the burden of disease for patients.
The Department wishes to develop a program of study in myeloma patients to look at the incidence of marrow failure, the relationship of this to their treatments and its impact on their quality of life. The Department hopes this research will lead to increased awareness among medical and nursing staff of the impact of marrow failure and anaemia on patients with myeloma and to improve strategies for care of this group of cancer sufferers.




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