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Hi everyone. My name is Avril and I’m 33 years old and live in Dublin. I never thought I would have to reach out and ask you all for help as I’ve always been an independent soul but the truth is I’m really struggling. Both physically, mentally and financially. It’s one of the hardest things I have had to do but I have to set my pride aside and be open to receiving help and support from others.

Hello everyone! I know I have been somewhat distant over the past number of months on the blog but I was busy behind the scenes organising this monumental fundraiser. I have also been busy attending hospital appointments and am finding it difficult to delegate my extremely limited energy levels. I am blessed in the sense to have some extremely loving and supportive people in my life that have been a godsend with regards offering their time and advice. As most of you are aware by now, I have been battling crippling late stage Lyme disease over the past number of years. The treatment has been rough to say the least but I have fully embraced everything that has been offered to me even when one particular medication gave me drug induced hepatitis! I am a fighter but sometimes being a fighter is not enough. Cutting a long story short I have researched a hell of a lot of treatment options available to Lyme patients, unfortunately, the majority of these are based outside of Ireland. As it stands, I have exhausted all available options over here. I am currently taking specialised supplements, LDN, turmeric, cats claw, vitamin D and attending acupuncture to help reduce inflammation in my body and regulate my immune system. I am also attending UV light therapy to address psoriasis which was instigated by this infection along with psoriatic arthritis. I plan on introducing lymphatic massage after I have completed my round of vitamin B12 injections. So as you can see things are a little manic at the moment.

Lyme Av

Throughout my exploration of treatment options with regards Lyme disease, I started to notice immunotherapy in the form of stem cell treatment being mentioned quite a bit online. I also became aware of fellow Lyme patients some that I know quite well undertaking this treatment. The results have been outstanding for them. Their lives completely changed and dare I say improved. I deliberately waited to see how they would get on days, weeks and months after treatment as my faith has been somewhat shattered in the hope of a silver bullet but they continue to do fantastic. The immuno therapy they received is regarded as 85% successful but requires a lot of dedication afterwards (up to a year and beyond). This is in order to get the full benefits of the treatment. Unfortunately, this treatment comes with one hefty price tag, €30,000 to be precise. In terms of a treatment for Lyme disease it is still pretty ground breaking and hence only available in a clinic called Infusio based in Germany and Los Angeles. The treatment comprises of two weeks of intensive treatment to prepare your body for stem cell therapy. Cultivation of your own stem cells from fat cells in your abdomen and of course administration of these cells back into the body. There are also an abundance of complementary therapies, nutritional support and aftercare support included in your specific package. Each package is tailored to the individual needs of the patient. I must point out that I have absolutely zero affiliation to Infusio or anyone who works there. It is my personal decision to attend this clinic and receive treatment. I have not made this decision lightly and have weighed up all the possible pros and cons meticulously. For me personally this is the treatment I need to explore. I am receiving no discounts or extra benefits for mentioning Infusio on my blog. This post and all subsequent posts regarding them and my treatment plan is purely educational. I am in no way pushing any treatment on anyone. All I suggest is if you are exploring treatment options not just at Infusio, research everything you can about them. Contact the medical team, contact past patients and do not be afraid to ask for medical and scientific evidence. At the end of the day it is your body, your health, your money and your future.

As the treatment I want to undergo costs way beyond my means, I have had to make the extremely hard decision of reaching out and asking others for help. I am extremely blessed that so many fantastic companies, people and brands who I have gotten to know through blogging have been beyond kind and generous. I have received the most beautiful hampers, jewellery, skincare sets and vouchers in the post to pop into our online raffle. As it stands I have 80 hampers/sets/vouchers with a combined value of approx €7000. I know amazing right! To say I am completely blown away by all of this is an understatement. There are also a couple more hampers en route. So after a whole weekend of snapping pictures and organising individual hampers we have decided to go live with the raffle. Ok so now you are (hopefully) thinking great how does it work? Well we have decided to link it in some way to our fundraising page. For every €10 a person donates this gets them 1 ‘raffle ticket’  into our draw. So for example Mary Jones donates €50 so she will get 5 raffle tickets. To make things easier we are sticking to €10, €20, €30 and so on denominations. We are assigning (on a spread sheet) raffle ticket numbers to donations in order of the date a donation was made. So using the same example Mary Jones was the first person to donate to our fundraising page. As she donated €50 she is entitled to 5 tickets so will be allocated raffle ticket numbers 1-5. I hope that makes sense. We will be putting up all the info online as we receive it so there will be full transparency and everyone will be aware of their ticket numbers.  Those who have donated in person have been added to our fundraising page as offline donations and will be assigned tickets in the same manner. Any anonymous donations can be seen by me when I log into my account. The number of prizes will increase as donation targets are met. Kev is the mathematical one so has it all planned out. Each prize is either valued at approximately €50. €100, €150, €200 and €250 (rounded off to the nearest value). The prizes will be allocated a number prior to the draw taking place so there is a proper paper trail and everyone can clearly see what is happening etc. I have taken some wonderful pictures detailing each hamper/set/voucher, the approximate value of each prize and the person or company who kindly donated the prize. These will be added to a post on the blog and on social media detailing all the prizes as targets are met. If you have any queries/want to donate a prize please do not hesitate to contact me at [email protected] We are still trying to organise an exact date and location for the draw to take place but rest assured it will be in accordance with regulations and will be fully transparent. So please make sure you keep an eye on this post and social media. Terms & conditions apply. Don’t forget to share with all of your friends and family.

 Each prize is truly beautiful and comes from a place of love. All products are legit, new, unopened and in date. I am so excited to share these with you and hopefully see our little treatment pot growing. €30,000 is a hell of a lot of money and I know how hard money is to come by so it is nice to be able to offer a chance of winning something nice in return for your kindness and generosity. I do not want to put pressure on anyone but any donations big or small would be very much appreciated. I know it is a huge ask but I would love your support in making my dream of getting better and being able to live my life again come true. I plan on returning the love, support and kind gestures I have received to others going through illness when I do get better. Keep your eyes peeled on the blog as it will be continuously updated with regards raffle date, location, new prizes added to the draw etc. 



Jo Browne – Natural facial cleansing balm gift set, estimated prize value €42. Kindly donated by Jo Browne.

Jo Browne Luxury Gift Set

Elf Cosmetics – A selection of makeup and skincare products in a hamper, estimated prize value €50. Kindly donated by The Works PR.

ELF Cosmetics Hamper

Lily O’Brien’s Chocolates – A selection of chocolates in a hamper, estimated prize value €50. Kindly donated by Lily O’Briens.

Lily O’Briens Chocolate Hamper

Emma’s So Naturals Eco-Soy Candles – A selection of candle’s in a hamper, estimated prize value €60. Kindly donated by Emma.

Emma’s So Naturals Eco-Soy Candle Hamper

Daisy By Marc Jacobs Eau So Fresh Twinkle – EDT spray (75ml), estimated prize value €80. Kindly donated by The Works PR.

Daisy By Marc Jacobs Eau So Fresh Twinkle – EDT 75ml

Spectrum Collections  – The glam clam 10 piece makeup brush set, estimated prize value €68. Kindly donated by Spectrum Collections.

Spectrum Collections – The Glam Clam Makeup Brush Set

Clarins – A selection of skincare and makeup products in a hamper, estimated prize value €250. Kindly donated by Clarins Ireland.

Clarins Hamper

Merritts For Hair – A selection of haircare products in a hamper (hamper 1), estimated value €50. Kindly donated by Merritts For Hair.

Merritts For Hair Hamper 1

Merritts For Hair – A selection of haircare products in a hamper (hamper 2), estimated value €50. Kindly donated by Merritts For Hair.

Merritts For Hair Hamper 2

Ladurée Dublin – Gift voucher for afternoon tea for two, estimated value €50. Kindly donated by John Collins.

Ladurée Dublin Gift Voucher

Alex and Ani – Two gold adjustable bangles, estimated value €72. Kindly donated by Yvonne at Alex and Ani Ireland.

Alex And Ani Gold Bangles

Roger & Gallet – Euphoric fleur d’osmanthus set and mini fleur de fig set, estimated value €65. Kindly donated by Market Match Pr.

Roger & Gallet Sets (gift set 1)

Ted Baker London - Jewellery set consisting of a silver necklace, earrings and a bracelet, estimated value €170. Kindly donated by Arlene at Timemark Ltd.

] Ted Baker London Silver Jewellery Set

Nía Natural Beauty - A selection of Nía skin and body care products in a hamper, estimated value €113. Kindly donated by Celia at Nía Natural Beauty.

[caption id="attachment_3104" align="aligncenter" width="373"] Nía Natural Beauty Hamper[/caption]





Good luck av


Jane ahlstrom

Best of luck with the treatment xxx


Mari Dunne

Hope you raise enough & you get treatment to help you get better & live a fuller life


Gerry & Mary Munnelly

All the best with the fundraising and your health is priceless.


Maeve Dollery


Marion Kane

Goodluck Avril x


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Status updated: 7th Aug, 2019

There are not enough words to express just how much I adore this rose radiance cream from Clarins 🌹. The past few months have been hectic moving and I’ve managed to keep up my routine of uv therapy for my skin but my poor aul face badly needed some tlc. I’ve been applying this cream daily and it definitely gives me a little pick me up. My skin feels soft, smooth and looks a bit brighter. Basically my skin is loving this cream. Dare I say it is my most favourite Clarins moisturising cream that I have tried??? I’ll need a few more weeks of use before I confirm that to be true or not but so far I’m quite impressed

Status updated: 5th Aug, 2019

Happiness can come in the most unlikely of places. Tonight we experienced an amazing fireworks display. It’s a yearly tradition, part of the kinsale regatta to host a fireworks display over the bank holiday weekend and my god did it not disappoint. We randomly managed to find ourselves in the most perfect of places to watch which can only be described as spectacular, the amazing light show.

I wasn’t in the right attire (sliders) to climb up a steep hill but we managed to find the exact spot where the fireworks were going to be let off so sat up behind them. It’s the closest I’ve ever gotten to fireworks. They were literally exploding above our heads, it was absolutely breathtaking and one of the best displays I have ever experienced. Big kudos to kinsale and the people who sponsored and ran the event. I felt like a little child standing in awe and excitement watching the beautiful array of light and colour before my eyes.

Status updated: 30th Jul, 2019

To the bravest boy who turned into a real life superhero, fly high and soar amongst the stars. For now you are the sparkliest most perfect star in the nights sky ⭐️

A perfect little boy who gave me an incredible amount of strength over the past 18 months gained his wings so prematurely yesterday. Even through illness he kept a smile on his face. Thank you for touching so many hearts and making a difference to this world. Look after your wonderful mammy and daddy. ❤️

Status updated: 30th Jul, 2019

New blog post alert ❤️

What are some of your top tips to keep your skin looking and feeling healthy this summer? I’ll start, drink plenty of water. Hydration is key and no better way of keeping your body and skin happy plus it’s free and 100% natural.


Status updated: 28th Jul, 2019

Happy anniversary to my absolute world Kevin Mcdonnell. You walk with me, footprints in the sand.

Had a delicious meal in the fancy Bastion restaurant and it’s suffice to say I was seated next to my twin, the Michelin man all night 😂. It was the most delicious 8 course tasting menu I have ever eaten, expensive but a proper treat. ❤️

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@JenMorrisie Oh Jen that’s terrible. I’m so sorry. That is so sweet of your mam 🌹

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@conor_pope More resembles a wine label or alcopop to me

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@CarolineHirons Bahahaha brilliant

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There are not enough words to express just how much I adore this rose radiance cream from clarinsfr 🌹. The past few…

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Amazing fireworks at this years #KinsaleRegatta

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@makeupmonster_ @MisterKeogh Absolutely devastated for you both Yav and Lar. Oscar was a real life superhero that touched so many hearts ♥️

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Tips For Healthy Summer Skin Courtesy Of The Handmade Soap Company

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Happy anniversary to my absolute world Kevin Mcdonnell. You walk with me, footprints in the sand. Had a delicious…

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@hollyshortall @LiamLambrini Ride ❤️

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