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Oristown National School Sports Hall

We are fundraising for our new project in Memory of our beloved teacher, friend and colleague Clodagh Hawe. We are undertaking the building of a brand new resource hall to include a classroom which will be named ‘Halla Clodagh’. This project has come at a good time and has been in the pipeline for some time now. Oristown are turning a difficult loss into a positive experience and creating a legacy for a truly wonderful teacher and person. It has given us an opportunity to speak about Clodagh in a positive manner with the Children. ‘Halla Clodagh’ will replace our Portakabin that is now leaking and unfit for purpose. Our school has 120 students, with enrolment growing year on year, and we hope that ‘Halla Clodagh’ will both enhance their education experience and ensure the school continues to provide an essential service to our growing community into the future. In addition, we plan to make the hall available after school to the wider community for events and sports. This is where we need help! The building has already received planning permission and the construction cost has been part-funded by the Department of Education, with €200,000 approved. Unfortunately, due to budget constraints, the funding falls short of the full requirement by €100,000. While we as a small school community are rallying together to plug the gap, the shortfall is considerable and any help given would be greatly appreciated.






Owen Brennan

Worthy cause.....


Susie ,Matthew ,Danny and Aimee Grimes, Rosmeen



Best of luck ,it’s a wonderful tribute to a much missed teacher.


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Status updated: 12th May, 2019

Our First Holy Communion Class in Halla Clodagh today. Congrats to all of you. The Sun Shone Brightly for your special day ☀️🙌🏻

Status updated: 11th May, 2019

It is both Emotional and Very Exciting to Welcome our First Holy Communion class for the First Time into Halla Clodagh tomorrow!
It’s been an exciting, exhausting and healing journey for our wee school. But this is just an amazing result....we are so proud of what we have achieved. Thank you so so much to everyone who has been a part of this very special project & journey 🙏🏻
Have a lovely day tomorrow to our second class...☀️✨

Status updated: 21st Apr, 2019

John is almost a week into the Camino de Santiago and has covered over 130km

Status updated: 12th Apr, 2019

Surprise visitor to the school today. Happy 🐣 Easter

Status updated: 6th Apr, 2019

🥁🥁 The Excitement.....look how high up the fundraising thermometer we are. We have only €8k to go. Well done to all....thank you so so much for your support 🙌🏻🙏🏻✨

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