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This year Pembroke Cricket Club are celebrating their 150th year anniversary.  To celebrate this landmark event, we are organising a number of high profile events to showcase our role in the Sandymount community and also in the greater Irish cricket community.

The primary community event is a ‘Pembroke Does Strictly Come Dancing’ event on Friday, June 8th in Pembroke Cricket Club.  The event will involve dancers and judges from both the club and the local area including schools, local businesses and other local sports clubs.  We are also delighted to partner with a local charity, Enable Ireland.


The funds raised from the event are planned for investment in the youth section, to ensure that Pembroke will remain a keystone in the Sandymount, Dublin 4 and greater South Dublin community for at least another 150 years.  Projects planned include funding for a full-time youth coach (Clare Shillington), equipment for the youth section as well as key facilities including changing rooms, toilets and showers.  The profits will also be shared with Enable Ireland to fund their ongoing work to enable independence, choice and inclusion for children and adults with physical, sensory and intellectual disabilities. 


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