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Following on from the colossal support we received in signing our petition urging the Irish Government to tackle the epidemic that is Suicide in Ireland, we have decided to try and progress matters to which we have some semblance of control and responsibility for. The wellbeing of our children in the community  is our sole concern. We can no longer stand idly by while this epidemic sweeps through our young people.

We have set up this iFundraiser page in order to support those children who are experiencing Mental Health issues while they wait mercilessly for Governmental support. We wish to offer them the opportunity to receive Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy and Personal Development through the Eagala Model which incorporates horses to address mental health needs. We have sourced an accredited Eagala practitioner, Joe Slattery, and are asking for the public’s support in order to fund a number of 5 week programmes for young people who are experiencing mental health issues at this time and who are receiving little or no support from our government in addressing their needs. This programme will equip our children with power tools to navigate what can often be a tumultuous time of growth and development.

The programmes runs for weeks for 8 young people, and we wish to raise enough funds to run  programs during the summer months when many of our vulnerable young people find the summer holidays an unstructured, lacklustre time which can lead to too much focus on negative thoughts and compulsions, leaving parents at a loss as to how to support the young person in filling this stretch with proactive coping strategies. We will also continue to run the programme on Saturdays throughout the school year.

This is our first endeavor into immediate concrete practical support for our young people with mental health issues. With support and financial backing we, the concerned individuals of Ireland, can begin to expand this beyond Tipperary.  

The fight for our children’s lives is starting now. Join us!










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