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Hi everyone!

I am running the VHI women's 10K in Dublin on the 3rd June, in aid of Wicklow Animal Welfare. I will be spending the next six weeks hitting the gym and dragging my dog Roxy on evening runs, so that I am in decent enough condition to cross the finish line.

Please check out their Facebook page to see the wonderful work that Fiona and her supporters do :) I would be so grateful for anything you can spare in sponsorship donations. Thank you in advance.




Well done Sara.


Amy Bramhill

Well done Sara! You did amazingly and you’ve done Dixie, Roxy and all the other dogs proud ❤️


Emma Fitzsimons

For the lovely dogs. Well done Sara and Roxy! 💚



I hope you managed to finish :)




Kate Donoghue

You're some bird x


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Status updated: 17th Jun, 2019

Sometimes I get tired, no, lets be honest here, most of the time, I get tired listening to peoples 'reasons' for getting rid of their pet/s. Here are two rescue dogs, Louie and Rudy. I knew their owner before she had children. When she was expecting her first baby, she was told by the 'nurse' to get rid of the dogs, for the baby's sake, she didn't. Then she had baby number two, still under pressure from outside influences, she kept her dogs. Baby number three came along and low and behold, she still kept her boys, all five of them now!! Now I know plenty of people who have done the same, just goes to prove, it CAN be done. Hard work, there is no doubt about that, but well worth it. And see how well behaved they all are!!! Well done Sona and Nick.

Status updated: 16th Jun, 2019

I do love my Friday nights watching TV its really the only night I look forward to. But when a call comes in, I know I have to go, half way through Corrie or not!! I picked up this beautiful little girl and her three puppies. She was understandably very nervous and apprehensive (as they all are) when I got her. She and the pups are full of mange and I guessed worms. I was right there. Don't look at photos 6 & 7 if you are squeamish!! It has put me off curry noodles, that's for sure. And I am well used to worms. This is the way we get all our dogs, raw, nothing done, real rescue cases, not just rehoming from home to home. Please text donate 50300 or paypal if you can. Thank you.

Status updated: 16th Jun, 2019

Some of the pups here playing with toys donated by kind people. We try to make their stay here as pleasant as possible. In a lot of cases, it is the first time they have been relaxed enough to play. A full belly for the first time too. Just wish the weather would take up a bit!!

Status updated: 15th Jun, 2019

We had 12 dogs go to UK rescues during the week. Before they even went, we had more coming in. Including two more puppies and a bitch and three pups last night. None of these dogs are available yet. They are all under assessment and will be given time to settle in before they look for homes.

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