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Fionn's SDR Journey

We are raising funds to take Fionn to St.Louis, Missouri for SDR and PERCS surgery.
Please consider donating to help us on our way



Keith Dalton

👍 Best if Luck



Best of luck Fionn.. Im praying for you son XX



You're a wonderfully brave boy Fionn & best of luck x


Marie Broder


Carmel Fahy

Missed the Mullingar walk but wanted to contribute to the fundraising effort


Susan Wilson (Reddy)

Praying you reach your target to get Fionn the help he needs. 💕


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Status updated: 19th Jul, 2019

Busy day recruiting at Concra Wood 🤞 Hoping for a full house at All-Ireland GAA Golf Challenge

Status updated: 18th Jul, 2019

What a legend 🙌 We've abandoned the wheelchair since yesterdays PT. Only a few days ago he struggled to stand, he's blowing everyone away with his determination.

Status updated: 17th Jul, 2019

We really need some help in pushing this fundraiser - it's probably our last major one for Fionn, and will allow us to provide everything he needs for a full recovery, and to reach his full potential after SDR.

We need 4 more golf teams to sign up, so if anyone is free to take a trip to Monaghan this Friday to help promote the All-Ireland GAA Golf Challenge and gather teams / sponsorship, please PM the page.

Status updated: 17th Jul, 2019

Day 6 and Fionn has just finished his first out patient therapy session. He really enjoyed it , and by the end of the hour he was walking short distances unaided 🙌 We're still hovering behind him incase he falls, but he's doing so well and he is loving his new independence. Our aim is to leave his wheelchair behind for therapy on Monday. At the rate he's improving I've no doubt he'll manage it!

Status updated: 15th Jul, 2019

Well day 3 (yesterday) was every bit as bad as we were expecting and more. Epidural and cannula were removed and we began transfers onto the wheelchair, along with some light therapy and stretched. Everything hurt, there were buckets of tears, so much moaning, and plenty of determination to never want to do anything ever again. This morning was kind of the same. Therapy was a disaster and motivation was a solid zero.
If there was ever to be a day we doubted everything then yesterday was it.
This afternoon was a totally different ball game. The liverpool kit made an appearance for physio. Fionn first practised standing, then some sidestepping... and then (after a mini protest!) took 40 steps holding my hands! He is also standing from his chair and sitting into his bed rather than is lifting him. Such a huge turnaround from yesterday, and even this morning. He's so motivated now that he knows it's not impossible, and his plan is 100 steps tomorrow. I have no doubt he'll manage it!

#CPwarrior #SDRchangeslives #MondayMotivation

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