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Help Karen Stem MS

Hello, I’m Karen McKenna, 33, from Clones County Monaghan, mother of 1 beautiful daughter and current Multiple Sclerosis (MS) sufferer. I was diagnosed at the age of 28 with MS and my quality of life expectations are being eroded daily by this debilitating disease.
I’m looking for your help to help me raise €70,000 so that I can undergo stem cell treatment known as Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation (HSCT). This has been pioneered by Dr.Fedorenko in a clinic in Moscow where hundreds have been treated with a 78% success rate.
I’m taking my medication, attending weekly oxygen chamber sessions, careful with my diet and following all medical advice and instructions to the letter. Despite this I’m moving rapidly through the drug treatment chain and not halting regression. My feeling is that I’m waiting for a train crash where simple every day activities will no longer be within my control. I’ve researched this, talked to several people who have undergone this treatment and concluded that despite risks I’d rather try and halt the train or at the very least slow it down.
This treatment requires my being in place in Moscow for 4/5 weeks. HSCT is a complex procedure that requires a bone marrow transplant similar to that used by oncologists for certain blood cancers. This treatment attempts to ‘reboot’ my immune system and stop it from attacking the brain and spinal cord.
I’ve been through a filtering process which identifies individuals suitable and capable of undergoing this treatment. I’ve received formal confirmation that I’m a suitable candidate and accepted for a date in late July 2018.
At the very least this treatment will slow deterioration and allow me to work full time, participate in family and community events, reduce my dependency on a great family and circle of loving friends. Who knows what else, so please “Help me to help myself”.

Love – Karen McKenna x








Good Luck with your treatment, Karen


Colm Connolly

Best of luck Karen, from Colm, Kathy and kids !


David Hall

Best of luck Karen.. Really hope the treatment and the trip goes well..




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