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Ballina Community First Responders

Ballina Community First Responders are a group of volunteers from all walks of life who have joined together to work along side the National Ambulance service and respond to people having Cardiac Arrests, Heart Attacks & Strokes in a 7KM Radius Ballina area. We are activated along with the Ambulance service by Ambulance control to respond to these calls. We are totally self financing and rely on the Goodwill of the public to continue this vital service. Our initial plan was to purchase two fully stocked first responder bags equipped with an emergency defibrillator in each. We succeed that goal and now have a 3rd bag for our Volunteers to use in the event of a call out.

Going Forward
We now hope to purchase a number of 24hr public access defibrillators and heated boxes, and place them around town and surrounding areas. 
If you think you or your business would like to sponsor or part sponsor a Public Access Defibrillator and place it in your area, please get in contact with out team. 


Contact Details

4 Fenian Row , Ballina, Mayo, IRELAND