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Mick Hannigan Palestine Marathon

On March 23rd, I'm taking part in the Palestine Marathon in Bethlehem and I'm now looking for sponsorship. 

The monies raised will be donated to humanitarian projects in the West Bank where I'm currently based. 

If you can make a small contribution (say, €10) it would be greatly appreciated and the money will be put to good use.

The theme of the Marathon is Freedom of Movement, something not enjoyed by Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza, with hundreds of checkpoints and the restrictive permit system. 

See below for a full description of the event, and thank you for your consideration.

Mick Hannigan 

“We Love Life If We Find a Way to It"

Mahmoud Darwish

The objective of the Palestine Olympic Committee in organising the Palestine Marathon is to focus the lens on the basic right to move freely in Palestine. 

To achieve this goal, the organization provides a fun and challenging experience which incorporates an exchange in cultural values by engaging international runners and supporters in the event. This interaction then sheds light to the rest of the world and increases their awareness of matters such as the restrictions that Palestinians face on a daily basis because of the Occupation. The event provides all participating foreigners with insight of the fruitful Palestinian culture that is not widely known across the world. .

The Palestine Marathon's aim is to establish a running culture in Palestine. It is an opportunity that provides Palestinians with the chance to move in a new and fun way which also builds a relationship based on the love for running and cultural exchange between Palestinians and the people from around the world. 

The event is about showing the outside world a new side to Palestine and Palestinians. It is about creating awareness and building understanding across cultures. Palestine Marathon is about cultural exchange, cultural exploration, and understanding. 

Nothing happens until something starts moving. So we want to move. Move with us. 




Eileen Hogan

Well done, Mick!




Winston Smith




Carrie Eddison

Good luck Mick , great cause .


Felim Mac Dermott


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