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Our aim of the funds is to get a good legal team to defend those who have been arrested for trying to protect our children, as it stands in Northern Ireland has over 100 online groomers that have been caught been very explicit with what they believe to be children, they've incited meets with these decoy children for underage s*xual activities. The law states in Ireland a child has to be abused for the Garda/police to take any action against these groomers. No intent in the laws, we need to change this to protect our children and their futures. It has recently been reported in the paper from the garda electorate report shows 98% of the cases involving real children doesn't even get investigated by the garda... WHY? Also 66% of all s*xual abuse crimes are against children. This has to change to protect our children. We at CPA do everything voluntary, we pay for all expenses ourselves, petrol costs to travel up and down the country bring awareness of the dangers of online grooming, printing paperwork, everytime we catch a suspected groomer we need to hand our phones to garda/police for evidence. But we need your help to change the laws to give our children full protection against these groomers. If you can't afford to donate, please share to your social media accounts. Thank you CPA

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