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Aoibhinn's Home Adaptation Project

Here's a short video that tells our story

We are looking to raise funds to adapt our home for our daughter Aoibhinn Breslin. 

Aoibhinn is only nine years of age. But already she faces disabilities many of us will never experience in our lifetime.


Aoibhinn suffers from blindness. Epilepsy, seizures and rheumatoid arthritis.


Although these are just a few of the conditions with which Aoibhinn has been diagnosed, by no means do they define her.


Aoibhinn’s happy, sparkling smile, her gorgeous infectious laugh, her sweet singsong voice, her intrepid spirit, these are the things that really make Aoibhinn special and unique to those who meet her. 


In the less than ten years she has been with us, Aoibhinn has defied all the odds – including learning to walk after a diagnosis of paraplegia.

Unfortunately a traditionally constructed home can be a daunting and even dangerous place to a person who is blind and multiply disabled.


Especially a very young child.


Staircases and sharp corners are our major concerns; our bathroom and back garden are out of reach without a constant companion and more importantly all on different levels of our home. 

The estimated costs to modify our home to be safe and welcoming for Aoibhinn is upwards of €100,000. Sadly and most difficultly, the County Council Housing Adaptation grant will allow for only €15,000 of this expense.


Your donation of funding of any amount you choose, to help our Aoibhinn live her best possible life, would be incredible and unforgettable to us as a family.


A little bit about us,


We are childhood sweethearts both born and bred in Clondalkin. We are hard working business graduates. I am a manager with a worldwide drinks company and my wife Caitriona runs her own local business, Clondalkin Yoga, along with being a carer for Aoibhinn.  


We love living in Clondalkin and our family is heavily involved in the community.  We are totally committed to living a wholehearted life and showing our girls how to do the same.


Aoibhinn’s little sister Soirse, calls her “the Learning Girl,” so I hope this gives you an indication of just how much your generous gift will do, to change Aoibhinn’s life.

Soirse, who was born without a left forearm and hand, has a great role model in Aoibhinn. 


Thank you in advance for however you choose to help.




Denise Cullen

Simon & Caitriona - what a lovely video of your beautiful family. We wish you the best of luck reaching your goal & with the renovations. All our love from NZ xxxx




Dave & Deirdre


Tom Cullen

Simon/Caitriona, Both Tom & I wish you all the luck in the world with your fundraising xxx


Stephen Cullen

Best of luck with everything. Let me know if you need a hand with anything


Triona & Brendan Cross

Wishing you every good wish with your project, it will be amazing.


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