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Cullaun Sailing Clubhouse

Cullaun Sailing Club is ready to build our clubhouse at the start of  2018. We have been working hard at this and have secured monies to get it up and running.  At the moment we are about 20,000 euro short  If any of our members or friends of the club can make a donation then it will be ringfenced for the clubhouse. if you can help us to build this clubhouse and grow the club then click on the donation button below and fill in the amount you would like to donate.

If you Donate 25 Euro we will send you out a fundraising T-Shirt. Please put your address on the order section.  If you donate 250 euro then we will inscribe your name on one of the walls in the building.
If you have already donated to us then we would like to thank you and hope to see you out at the club more often in 2018. 




Patsy Neville

Great to hear that

Thanks Patsy We will be on to you soon in relation to sizes for the fundraising T-shirt
12 December 2017

Andrew Duignan

Thanks Andrew we will be into you re sizes for the fundraising tshirt
06 December 2017

Ruairi O'Neill

Will be a massive boost to the area. Keeper Lit!

Thanks very much Ruairi It will be great to have it up and running. Jim
06 December 2017

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Status updated: 22nd Jan, 2018

Looks like the start of the building of our new clubhouse will have to wait a few more weeks as the lake seems to be at the highest level it has been at for the last few years. I suppose we have waited this long that another month or two wont make any difference

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Best of Luck

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Our numbers were up also and this year promises to be even busier

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