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Kilkerley Playground Association

This is the donation page of the Kilkerley Playground Association. We have received a very generous grant of €63,488 from the Towns and Villages Renewal Scheme, on condition that construction of the playground is completed before the end of June 2018. Based on the range of quotations we’ve received to date we estimate the final cost to be approximately €104,700. We really need your support and will be asking for help from the Kilkerley community in raising the remaining funds.

Kilkerley Playground Association Committee Members:
Chairman: Peter Kelleher
Secretary: Ken Babington
Fundraising & Events Coordination: Majella Babington & Orlaith Ryan
Treasurer: Bronagh Magee
PRO/Facebook Page: Niall McEntegart




amazing work, congratulations


Karen McCreesh

Well done all for getting this so far!






Harris Family


Niall McEntegart

Great cause. badly needed in Kilkerley. Well done for putting together Orlaith & Peter.


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Status updated: 15th Aug, 2018

What an amazing summer we've had! We were delighted to see the playground jam-packed during all of the good weather. You haven't heard from us in a while so we wanted to give you an update of where things stand. As you know we received the grant for €64,000 and our amazing community raised a further €36,500 to date. As of today the playground still has an outstanding debt of €3,021.62, so your support is still badly needed. We also hope to hold the official opening on a Sunday in early September. We'll share the date once set, so watch this space. Thanks for you continued support.

Status updated: 28th Jun, 2018

Kilkerley Playground is open to the public today!

We were down to the wire to get the insurance in place and handover to the council complete so we have postponed the official opening ceremony itself - but the playground is now open and fully insured! Enjoy!!!

Details of the official opening ceremony to follow! Congratulations to Fionn Donnelly whose name was picked out of the hat in school today - he will be the lucky boy who cuts the ribbon at the official opening ceremony!

Status updated: 27th Jun, 2018

The Kilkerley Playground Association would like to sincerely thank the former members of a Kilkerley women's team that generously donated €1,231 in response to our plee to fund our construction cost shortfall of €4,700. This makes significant inroads into that deficit and towards opening the play ground debt free. We are deeply appreciative of your generosity.

Status updated: 16th Jun, 2018

We want to say a huge thank you to some pretty special Kilkerley people who played a huge part in making the playground possible through sheer dedication, hard work and generosity of their time. There are five key people who led the construction efforts; Martin Holland, Enda Holland, Barry O'Connor, and father and son team Padraig and Colm McKeown. Martin coordinated things and together with this great team delivered the footpath, fence and kerbs. They worked night after night, from early evening to 10.30pm at night, to complete the work and it looks amazing.

The playground would have cost us almost €20,000 more and would have been considerably smaller without this local support in construction and negotiations made during the tender stages.

We also want to say a big thank you to some other people who supported the above efforts including digging holes for the bollards. They are Ciaran McCreesh, Thomas Mulholland, Thomas Deary, David Corrigan and Ken Babbington.

A sincere thank you from the Playground Association and on behalf of the children of Kilkerley who will enjoy this great community center piece for many, many years to come.

Status updated: 15th Jun, 2018

I asked for Kilkerleys strongest men and here they are.. all holes dug. Thanks men! Also big thanks to Ciaran McCreesh and Thomas Deery for helping out also.

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