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The Sabrina Ryan Foundation

The charity accepts and considers applications for assistance from people experiencing the emotional and lifestyle effects of cancer treatment responding, where appropriate, by helping with the cost of such things as a wig, eyebrow embroidery, complementary therapies or by providing referral to qualified counselling services.

The aim of The Sabrina Ryan Foundation it to financially assist people through the emotional and lifestyle effects of Cancer Treatment. We provide financial assistance to services including but not limited to;

 - Wig Purchasing

  - Eyebrow Embroidery

  - Weekend Retreats

 - Reflexology/Aromatherapy/Massages

 - Counselling

 - Benefits Advice

On the 11th February 2017 we officially launched the Sabrina Ryan foundation at our Gala Ball, this event was promoted by numerous radio stations by people such as Pat Kenny and Ryan Tubridy who both had met Sabrina before and were extremely supportive of our cause. Since our humble beginnings the charity has flourished and we’ve helped a huge amount of people throughout Ireland thanks to the brilliant donations we’ve received throughout the year.  To date we have raised money through Drama plays, coffee mornings, bake sales, charity runs and also very generous donations, we hope this will continue on and we will continue to grow as a charity. If you would like to donate/help in any way possible through organising a fundraiser or a money donation, please do not hesitate to contact us we would be more than delighted to hear from you. 

Our aim at the Sabrina Ryan foundation is to help financially towards things like a new wig, complimentary therapies, eyebrow embroidery, counselling services, nothing is set in stone basically anything that makes someone smile whilst going through one of the toughest times in their lives. We have experienced first-hand the impact of getting a new wig or her eyebrow embroidery done had on Sabrina, remembering the smile on her face and how these small things lifted her and how it took her mind off the gruelling treatment she was going through. These small lifts whatever they may be, are something which every person going through cancer needs, and our aim at the Sabrina Ryan Foundation is to try our best to provide them.


Contact Details

PO Box219 Newry BT355DN, Newry, Down, UNITED KINGDOM