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European Network Against Racism (ENAR) Ireland

Cause Description

As the national collective voice for building solidarity among
groups challenging racism, ENAR Ireland will fight all forms of
racism by providing analysis and tools to empower those who
experience racism to take action
Organisational values and guiding principles
ENAR Ireland’s work and organisational efforts are informed by
core values and practice principles:
Autonomy: choice, agency, freedom, self-determination and
the absence of coercion
Democracy: participation, voice, empowerment and
accountability from those in positions of authority
Dignity: respect, relationships of care and love, human worth
and the absence of inhumane and degrading treatment,
harassment and discrimination
Inclusion: a sense of belonging and community,
interdependence, collective responsibility and a valuing of
Social justice: redistribution of wealth, income, jobs and social
goods and the absence of privilege and entitlement




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