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Science on Tap Ireland

Science on Tap is a science outreach organization designed to bring science into the public, to educate, entertain, and get the public engaged in science. We host informative talks in pubs across Ireland. Our goal is to engage local, everyday people on all things science. Mathematics, biology, chemistry, physics, engineering, astronomy and archaeology each have a place on our agenda and we want everyone to hear about them in the funnest way possible: over a pint of beer!







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RT @PerfEngLab: PELer Vanessa Ayala gave a talk yesterday about research in #DataPrivacy at @ScienceOnTapIE, a science outreach event to en…

Thu Apr 26 19:29:07 - 0 Favorite

RT @JoanneLysaght: Great work highlighting why it is so important to identify immune evasion mechanisms if we want to improve response rate…

Thu Apr 26 08:25:31 - 0 Favorite

RT @friverao: Wonderful talk called: Is your data the new oil? By @vayalariv @PerfEngLab It was about: protecting the privacy of the data i…

Thu Apr 26 01:29:12 - 0 Favorite

It's a wrap for the Science on Tap spring festival. Thanks to all our speakers, volunteers and to our awesome hosts…

Wed Apr 25 22:06:42 - 1 Favorite

.@vayalariv advises that the most practical thing you can do to protect your privacy is to stay aware: know company…

Wed Apr 25 21:41:58 - 2 Favorite

.@vayalariv shares the belief that successful privacy isn't about living like a hermit. It's about creating a data…

Wed Apr 25 21:36:55 - 2 Favorite

.@vayalariv on GDPR: its a headache for companies, but important protection for the average person. It gives back r…

Wed Apr 25 21:33:59 - 2 Favorite

Preventing data leaks: a key factor in protecting your privacy is to ensure the information companies store is much…

Wed Apr 25 21:30:18 - 2 Favorite

The searches you make can be used to track you down: your interests, the keywords you use, and your family enquirie…

Wed Apr 25 21:23:25 - 2 Favorite

87 percent of people in the USA can be identified by three easily mined forms of data: DOB, Zipcode and Gender @vayalariv #scienceontap

Wed Apr 25 21:20:35 - 1 Favorite

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