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SparkAbility CLG is a strengths based service promoting inclusion of additional needs in local communities.

Using positive, sensory friendly environments, we provide social groups, camps and Kidzmove exercise classes.


6 weeks per school term.

Activities include: Arts and crafts, circle time, group games, sensory play, 1:1 teaching.

Curriculum 1 age group 3-5 years

Curriculum 2 age group 6-9 years

Curriculum 3 age group 10-13 years

Our social clubs have designed an inclusive social curriculum around the
needs of children with autism and their families.

Opportunity groups have been designed to provide play situations outside
of the school environment enabling the children to practice play skills on
their own terms.

The groups provide parents with hours of much needed respite.

We seek input from the child’s multidisciplinary team and families to
ensure a holistic view of the child is established before writing their
individual goals for their social group.

Observation logs are kept from each session and combined to provide an end of term report to relay progress to parents.

Children's strengths, interests, self esteem and confidence underpin our focus of positive interaction and play.



This way to see all of our fun!

New experiences of developmentally appropriate toys and sensory equipment, the general running of the groups - venue rental, public liability, insurance, best practice memberships and training. 


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