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On the 13th February 2013 Maximus Murray was born with severe brain damage such that Maximus would never be able to walk, talk, sit up. As a result of this brain damage, Maximus has full body cerebral palsy, global development delay, epilepsy and cortially blind. Maximus unfortunately requires 12 medications daily (23 doses in total) to counteract the significant medical implications of his condition, along with feeding through a peg in his stomach. Despite this Maximus has never stopped smiling and playing a big role in the lives of his immediate and extended family. While the circumstances are tough, there has been unendless love for Maximus in the first 5 years of his life.


As Maximus is growing older a significant challenge facing my sister and brother in law is providing Maximus with an environment that will improve his quality of life and enable Maximus to live at home with his family. In this regard significant renovations are required to the house to provide Maximus with appropriate sleeping, showering, toilet and feeding facilities (e.g. specialised bath tub, medical hoists embedded into the ceiling, wheelchair accessibility and the list goes on).


All medical equipment is expensive, but more so for children's medical equipment. The ongoing cost of Maximus' medical needs and the proposed renovations are being met someway by equity release, however there is a significant shortfall. It is because of this shortfall that we are fundraising through various events such as the Maximising Performance Sporting Lunch to raise funds that are needed to not only support Maximus' health costs on a daily basis but provide a suitable home for Maximus to live in.

Any and all donation would be greatly appreciated and will go a long way to improving Maximus quality of life at home.

Thank you in advance,

Kiara-Jane and Ian





Conor Crotty

Best of luck Conor, Mf & Bobby


Paula Hosey


Emer Duffy

Amazing work Conor !


Ryan Dunne


Conor Crotty

Good luck Conor, hope you and the guys get to the target amount.


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