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22q11 Ireland and PANDAS Ireland

Hi all,

I'm running the Dublin Marathon this year for two causes, 22q11 Ireland and Pandas Ireland, to support my friend and her family. This is their story,

Any donations will be split between the two causes.

22q11 Ireland is a registered charity, donations will facilitate the hosting of the 22q European Conference in Dublin this year. Donations to PANDAS Ireland will be used to create information packs for doctors to raise awareness of this condition.

I'd appreciate any support you can offer, every little counts. 
Thanks, Brenda
22q11.2 DS is a missing piece on the 22nd chromosome and brings with it 180 different symptoms affecting almost every system in the body: heart, palate, kidneys, immune system, brain.

Paediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorder Associated with Streptococcal infections, known by the acronym PANDAS is an autoimmune disorder that affects the brain.



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Status updated: 21st Apr, 2018

Beautiful..... "allow the truth of things to hit the air".

Status updated: 20th Apr, 2018

....the 'marvel of an ordinary life'

Status updated: 20th Apr, 2018

Happy 15th from 22Q11 Ireland

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