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Im A Celeb...Get Me Out of Here! in aid of The Stephen Lyne Foundation and Kerry Stars

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The Stephen Lyne Foundation & Kerry Stars Special Olympics Club promise to provide people with the ‘night & fright of their lives’ when I'm a Celeb...Get Me Out of Here! comes to Killarney on October 26th, 2017. The event is being staged in conjunction with main event sponsor - Kerry Drain Services.

We’ve all seen or heard about people singing and dancing (even boxing) to raise some much needed funds for clubs, schools and charities all over the country, but the new I’m A Celeb...Get Me Out of Here! fundraiser is captivating people everywhere as it puts twelve brave local 'celebs' to the pin of their collar’s like never before! The Stephen Lyne Foundation together with Kerry Stars Special Olympics Club are presenting the first I'm A Celeb...Get Me Out of Here! fundraiser in Kerry at the INEC on the 26th of October 2017.

A number of well known individuals from Kerry have signed up as contestants for October 26th and are ready to hit the jungle! The 12 ‘Campmates’ will be put to the test by having them take part in a variety of Bush Tucker Trials. Enthusiasts will have to wait until October 26th to find out who can survive the Hell Holes, master the Scare Chair and devour the gourmet critters to beat their opponents and be crowned King or Queen of the Jungle.

The following is the confirmed list of brave contestants who will set foot in the Jungle: Michael Healy Rae TD, Brendan Fuller, Sean Taafe, Rory D'arcy, Sean Coffey, Emma Philips, Mags Harty, Ruth Allen, Gavin O Leary, Enda Walshe, Mary Brosnan and Brendan Kealy.

The Stephen Lyne Foundation was set up with the vision of teaching children the importance of empathy. This is achieved through the provision of the 'Roots of Empathy' programme within primary schools in Kerry. 'Roots of Empathy' is an award winning evidence based Canadian programme that significantly reduces bullying, anti-social behaviour and violence in children with a long term effect. Barnados is the lead agency in Ireland for the programme and they have partnered with the Stephen Lyne Foundation to bring 'Roots of Empathy' to Kerry. The funds raised from the 'I'm A Celeb' Fundraiser will be put towards introducing the programme in additional schools in the Kerry region while at the same time maintaining the programme in existing schools.

The Kerry Stars Special Olympics Club was formed in September 2002 by a group of local families. Its objective was, and still is, to provide athletes with special needs the opportunity to be productive and respected members of society through participation in all year round sports and competition. This in turn creates a more positive self image, inclusion, enjoyment and new friendships for the athletes. There is at present 100 athletes in the Kerry Stars Club and they come from the Kerry and North Cork areas. The athletes compete in athletics, soccer, and swimming. There is also an Adult Leadership Program which helps athletes to develop skills in public speaking and other areas of inclusion. The monies raised from this fundraising initiative will go towards catering for the existing sports activities and creating new sporting options so that each athlete has an opportunity to fulfil their potential in whatever area they choose.

The I'm A Celeb...Get Me Out of Here! fundraiser will be both organisations main fundraising event for 2017 and it is hoped it will raise significant funds to give succour and impetus to both worthy causes. 




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