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Con, Sarah & Niamh's Parachute Jump

On the 24th September Con Lehane, Sarah Hodkinson and Niamh Falvey each undertook a sponsored tandem sky dive from 10,000 feet with the Irish Parachute Club in support of the Shehy Wind Action Group, who are opposing the development of a large scale industrial wind farm around the iconic Shehy Mountain. Funds raised will go towards our High Court Action. Please support us and help save Shehy for future generations. Thank you so much to all our supporters so far!!



Sarah Hodkinson




Joseph Pittam

Best of luck with the jump. Go for it!


Eamonn, Tiffany, Amelia

Best of luck Niamh


James & Kay Cronin

The very best of luck .


Maresa, Ronnie & kids

Good luck Niamh. Good on you for having the guts to go ahead and throw yourself out a plane. Wishing you all the best and a safe landing. Love from Maresa, Ronnie, John, Scott and Erin xxxxx. P.S - make sure there are batteries in the camera filming you ;)


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Status updated: 13th Feb, 2018

Were Shehy WF to go ahead, the moor will lose 68,000 cu.mts of peat., and presumably gain nearly as much concrete. Very 'green'.

Status updated: 8th Feb, 2018

URGENT: Nowen Hill Wind Farm?
A meeting is being held by wind farm developers in the Parkway Hotel in Dunmaway tonight (Thurs 8th) at 8pm regarding information about a prospective windfarm on the iconic Nowen Hill and adjoining areas.
We don't yet know what this potential development entails but one thing is becoming starkley apparant; there will not be a hill top left in West Cork that has not been industrialised if they are not stopped.

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