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As part of my recent  trip to Syria in November I met up with some extremely traumatised refugees from the Villages of Foua and Kafraya. We listened to two survivors recount that day when Rebels massacred over 100 people from their villages on April 15th 2017.

We were also met by the manager of the local school Ali Moshen - Shia Muslim and pro-government person, who introduced us to more survivors of this massacre of over 100 people including 39 children. Rebels had agreement with the Government  for the evacuation of villagers of Foua and Kafraya and put in place a plan to have 50 or more buses to transport over 2000 villagers to a holding area in the city of  Damascus an area called Sayida Zeinab.

Unfortunately these rebels enticed young kids from the Villages using sweets and drinks gather around a couple of these buses and then a suicide  bomber blew up the bus and murdered 39 kids that day. This  bus bombing massacre occurred in an area called Alrashideen. Also 54 kids were kidnapped that day by  the rebels and now these  evil terrorists are seeking ransoms for the return of Foua and Kafraya children and looking for 100,000 dollars per kid. It is reported these kids are held in Turkey. Such evil is beyond comprehension.

I hope to bring this massacre and kidnapping of 54 kids to the attention of the world media so they can be freed soon.


October 2017 The entire world is aware of the current ongoing war in Syria but many do not fully appreciate that it has shown no mercy to the ordinary people of this fine country, in particular the women and children. A country that many years ago was considered the third safest place in the world to visit and that once had a population of 17 million, is now a country full of hatred & destruction and has an estimated population of just 10million!

Sanctions and ongoing war without mercy have devastated both Syria and the Syrian people. Dr Declan Hayes, an old school friend of mine that has travelled to Syria on 8 different occasions, explains, “Whatever the causes of this war, the great power intrigue, the Arab Spring, the economic downturn, the fight for democracy and so on, it is the dire consequences of these causes that WE all must attempt to address for the people of Syria”


As you are aware I traveled to Syria in early November, and covered all travel costs myself. Our hope was to raise much needed funds, both online and through this evening’s event. We raised over €4000, and this money was given directly to people of Syria. The funds were receipted and documented so 100% of every penny raised was placed into the hands of these long suffering people. Some of the areas we visited were Damascus, Maaloula, Homs, & Aleppo. 

Having returned safe and sound our attention now turns to not only the children living there & but to the families of children that have been kidnapped by many terrorists groups demanding unimaginable randoms demands. Our hope is to work injunction with UNICEF and help bring these children home. 

I have increased the donation target as we are starting with €225. 

I am indeed overwhelmed with the magnificent support and generosity to date, so thank you all once again. I look forward to telling you all about the trip in due course

All the best,




Paul Bolger


Edward Horgan

This is a very genuine cause connected with children missing in Syria, in some cases abducted and held for ransom.




Ann Sheehy


Dr. Bashir Mohamad

Love Syria


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