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Adam's Room

Bringing Adam Home


To the many friends and acquaintances of Adam Taylor: 


As most of you are may be aware Adam suffered for two years with pain, headaches and towards the end with limited mobility, without understanding why, despite repeated visits to the doctor and other health professionals.

Finally, last July, Adam was sent to A&E, where it was discovered that he had a massive, cancerous tumour. 

Within a week, the surgeon operated on his brain. The tumour, called an ependymoma, went from his brain down into the 4th ventricle in his spine. The operation lasted over ten hours. Adam died three times on the table during the procedure and was revived. 

The surgeon succeeded in removing the malignant tumour, but the delicate process resulted in an almost complete paralysis of Adam’s body. We had hoped for a speedy recovery, but that was not to be the case. Adam unfortunately suffered many setbacks, many infections and problems. For example, the simple act of swallowing became impossible and for the first two months he couldn’t even have a sip of water let alone food. Adam likes his grub, so it was torture for him. 

In November he ended up back in the intensive care unit with double pneumonia and was put into an induced coma for eleven days, which resulted in him needing a tracheotomy. We were extremely worried that he wouldn’t be able to talk or eat again considering that those were his only remaining functions since the operation. Thankfully, the situation eventually improved.

The tumour and its removal, caused a lot of nerve damage which stops Adam from doing many of the basic activities that we all take for granted like walking or even sitting. There was also damage to the centre that regulates his heart rate. This means that when he wants to try to do something strenuous, he simply passes out. This has stopped him from advancing with his much needed physiotherapy. It has been an immensely hard struggle for Adam. His will to live and fight through is inspiring. I have often wished that I could take his place for even just a day to relieve him of his constant fear and pain, wondering if I could actually last the 24 hours. 

Adam has an amazing ability for storytelling and always gives us a laugh. He would have us in stitches laughing during visits through his highs and lows. 

Adam has finally made it to rehabilitation in April. There the doctor discovered Adam has tremors in his arms and legs which are also impeding his progress in physiotherapy. He will soon be assessed to see whether he is suitable for the baclofen pump, which is inserted into the spine to permanently administer medication to counter the tremors. This will hopefully give him a little more mobility. 

Despite the many challenges and disappointments there is hope, because Adam still has sensation in all his limbs and can make slight movements. Our hope remains that Adam will recover mobility in the long run, but it’s going to be a long road.


Adam hasn’t been home since July 2016.

He hasn’t left the hospital.

He hasn’t scratched his nose.

Hasn’t fed himself.


He is fighting hard though. Although his achievement might seem like small steps to the able-bodied, he has been making steady progress with simple things like sitting up, using his hands and trying to prepare himself to use a wheel chair.

We’d love for him to be mobile, to be able to use a powered wheelchair and, in time, hopefully to walk again. 


A great plus lately is Adam has been given his voice back on social media to contact his friends with his charming banter, with the use of a special stick that Adam holds in his mouth and types on his phone, which is mounted onto a table. 

All of this requires money and of course, although Adam never missed a day of work since he left school, he can’t work right now. Doctors have told us that Adam will need 24 hour care when he is home. We’d like to get him a good powered wheelchair. We need to build an extension with the required facilities on the house so that he will be able to finally leave the hospital and come home. That would be a great Christmas present for Adam and his family to be back together again. Adams family has had its fair share of heartache, having already lost two brothers Jeffrey in 2001 and Richard in 2015.


Could you help us bring Adam home?

Thanking you all in advance





Kieran power




Martina Carey


Gavin Power

Have a cracking night tonight. All the best Adam


Wayne and Judy


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