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CHEEERS: Developing Healthcare Together

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Background to CHEEERS: Developing Healthcare Together and link to Kisiizi Hospital website: 

CHEEERS: Developing Healthcare Together is a non-profit, Irish professional volunteer multidisciplinary sending organisation. 

CHEEERS stands for:
- Community
- Healthcare
- Empowering
- Education
- Experiences
- Relationships and
- Support

CHEEERS: Developing Healthcare Together works together with developing communities to improve healthcare services and to promote education and training of healthcare professionals. It was established in 2015 by a group of Irish healthcare professionals who have volunteered at Kisiizi Hospital, Uganda and within the local community since 2005. 

In April 2015, CHEEERS: Developing Healthcare Together sent the first multidisciplinary team of eight medical and allied health professionals to Kisiizi Hospital. The multidisciplinary team included a Psychiatric Registrar, three Physiotherapists, one Occupational Therapist and three Dietitians.

In 2016, CHEEERS: Developing Healthcare Together sent a larger multidisciplinary team of thirteen allied health professionals including five Physiotherapists, two Occupational Therapists, four Dietitians and two Speech and Language Therapists.

In 2017, a group of ten allied health professionals including five Physiotherapists, one Occupational Therapist, two Dietitians and two Speech and Language Therapists travelled to Kisiizi Hospital.

For more information visit the Kisiizi Hospital website at or our website



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