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Survive the Ride

Three of us slightly crazed pedal pushers are going to attempt to cycle 640km over 4 days from northern Scotland to southern Ireland to raise money for 2 cancer charities, 

The cycle is in memory of Richy Crossland who passed away from lung cancer aged just 32, we will finish the cycle on his 6th anniversary,July 8th. We will cycle from his home village of Ballachulish to my home village of Ballygunner in Waterford.  

The 2 charities I have chosen are the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation and the Waterford Hospice.These two incredible charities will use all donations to directly improve patient care and support much needed research. They provide patients with a practical way to live with their diagnosis, education about their condition and hope that things can improve. These charities are transparent with how their money is spent and how your money will be used to greatest effect.

Many thanks for your support




Glasgow dietitians


Paul Daly Ireland

Both are great causes and deserving of your donations. Well done you 3 cyclists for your sterling efforts.


Hartley People



Hey Orla and crew, congratulations and apologies for the late donation. x Kizzy





Well done!


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Status updated: 13th Aug, 2017

Delighted to announce that our fundraising total is an incredible €16,458!! Thank you so, so much to everyone who donated and made our cycle possible and also worthwhile for these two great charities. Orla Purcell Andrew Gault Lara Gray epic effort!! Having started this with an aim of raising €5,000, this has blown me away, a sincere thanks to one and all xx

Status updated: 10th Jul, 2017

Orla Purcell, tour de France next year?😀
If so, the link for the diabetic cycling team is at the bottom of the page.

Orla does not mention one of her biggest challenges of the ride. She is very modest and will not let her type 1 diabetes stop her from doing anything. I believe her consultant (a leading expert) said she was mad to undertake this challenge.

Being a type 1 diabetic meant Orla could not store carbs like Lara Gray and myself. Orla had to carefully manage all of her sugar and insulin requirements before and on the bike, and weigh it against the exertion of the ride. There are also other complex factors that make this more difficult.
If we left late or the insulin was miscalculated by a unit that was enough to throw the levels off causing a number of symptoms. Low sugar in the blood means less glucose for the muscles and tissues causing tiredness and dizziness. High sugar levels cause the blood to thicken also causing fatigue and headaches as well as being really thirsty.

On our training rides we did experience problems. On one cycle event Orla had 3 hypos(low) before we had gone 40km.
Being a non-diabetic it is hard to imagine but pretty horrendous by all accounts. She did finish that 100km despite all that she went through.

Since then, thanks to her consultant, Orla has started trialling a Bluetooth sensor on her arm. It allows painless, instant readings to be taken on the move. There is also a handy chart that shows if the readings are going up and down and at what rate.
I'm sure Orla would be happy to tell you how much she loves the sensor and hopefully with her story out there she can do as much for diabetes as she has done for cancer.

With the new kit and all that she has learnt Orla definitely excelled at the cycle. As much a driving force in the saddle as she is out of it.
Hopefully Orla will not mind me sharing this but she deserves the admiration for her extreme efforts.

Status updated: 8th Jul, 2017

Day 4 done!! Survive the Ride completed!! What a day 😊😊 640km in 4 days!! Thank you so much to everyone for their help and support, Eoghan Carton carried us from Dublin to Waterford for the final leg where we got a massive welcome at ballygunner. Couldn't be happier 😀😀😀

Status updated: 8th Jul, 2017

Day 4 - done!!! Survive the Ride complete!!! 640km in 4 days 😊😊 so happy! Thanks so much to everyone involved. Fantastic welcome back to Ballygunner..... Will keep you posted on final amount raised 😊😊😊

Status updated: 8th Jul, 2017

You more than Survived!An inspiration to us all. Great to see you at Ballygunner. Welcome Home and congratulations on your amazing achievement.
Enjoy the celebrations and a well earned rest.
Richard and

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@TrainerLyndsey Jaysus Lyndsey don't be mad, that's bonkers!!!! Thank you though!!xx

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Delighted to announce that our fundraising total is an incredible €16,458!! Thank you so, so…

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Day 4 done!! Survive the Ride completed!! What a day 😊😊 640km in 4 days!! Thank you so much to…

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