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We are all parents who have been affected by pregnancies with Fatal Foetal Anomalies and were forced to either travel abroad to receive the healthcare we needed or remain pregnant in Ireland against our wills. Our primary objectives are

  • to educate people about pregnancies with foetal anomalies
  • destigmatise terminations of pregnancy
  • to campaign for a legal and medical environment in which terminations of pregnancy in these circumstances can be provided in Ireland.
Have you seen our Rock n Roll Liverpool fundraising page? You can find it here:

Our trip to Liverpool has many facets, not least:

  • It is a pilgrimage to the hospital and city that cared for so many of us
  • We would like to present Liverpool Women's Hospital with a piece of art in recognition of the care and compassion they have shown to Irish women
  • We wish to raise funds so we can drive change. Irish women should have their choices in obstetric care respected, and they should be treated and supported in Irish hospitals

It is clear that there is likely to be a referendum to repeal the eighth amendment to the constitution - the clause which prevents Irish women from accessing terminations of pregnancy in all cases except where there is a real, substantial and immediate threat to her life.  Opposition to any change is already mounting, and is well funded and well organised.  We are a wholly voluntary organisation made up of mums and dads who have been through a diagnosis of a fatal foetal abnormality.  We have no paid staff, and received no state or overseas funding. In order to operate on a level playing field, we need money! You can help us by sponsoring us in this event and sharing the link.

Note to donors: Please read this important information before you make a donation to TFMR; 

We at TFMR kindly rely on your kind and generous donations to do our work. As we are registered with SIPO (Standards in Public Office) we are bound by certain rules governing your donations. To help us comply with these regulations here's what we can accept:

  • All donations must be from residents of the island of Ireland but Irish citizens living abroad may also donate.
  • We can accept anonymous donations up to the value of €100.
  • Donations above €100  up to €200 must be accompanied by the name and address of the donor. We cannot accept a cash donation above €200.
  • We can however accept multiple donations from the same donor up to a maximum of €2,500 in a calendar year. 

There are some further regulations to do with corporate donors. If these affect you donation please contact us or see for details.





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32 Connawood Drive, Bray, Wicklow, IRELAND