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Ataxia Foundation Ireland

Ataxia Foundation Ireland a company Limited by Guarantee (CLG) Was founded by four people who suffer from Ataxia.

Ataxia Foundation Ireland (AFI) is a National Support Group for people affected by Friedreichs Ataxia and other genetic Ataxia's and their families.
Friedreichs Ataxia is a genetic and progressive disorder of the central nervous system which usually manifests itself in children between the ages of six and sixteen years. However, in some instances the onset for Friedreichs and other Genetic Ataxias can be much later. Because of the genetic factor more than one person in a family may be affected.

Symptoms include clumsiness, difficulties with balance, lack of co-ordination and, in time, a slurring of speech.

Although there is no specific treatment for any of the known Ataxia's, research is ongoing worldwide and there is some research showing positive signs of a break through in the not to distant future.


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