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From 11am to 8pm on Thursday 18 August there will be a continuous reading in the front window of Dubray Books on Grafton Street to raise money for L'cole Laque du Chemin des Dunes, a school for child and adult refugees in Calais, and for the unaccompanied minors of the camp.
50 readers will read a piece of their choosing for 10 minutes each on the theme of Travel - ancient odysseys, fantasies, seafaring epics, solo adventures, tales of displacement, of close escapes, of language barriers and cultural encounters, of strange and wonderful beasts and new beginnings in foreign lands.

In order of appearance, in the 50 slots between 11am and 8pm we have: Paul Howard (Ross O'Carroll Kelly), Sharon Hogan, Sam Blake (Vanessa Fox OLoughlin), Brian OBrien, Mikey ONeill, Justine Delaney Wilson, Kevin McGee, Stephen Collins, Jane Clarke, Gavin Kostick, Catherine Ann Cullen, Sheila Ahern, Becky Long, Phil Lynch, Allyson Prizeman, Fr Peter McVerry, Ciarn Gray, Katie Donovan, Mary-Elaine Tynan, Liz Nugent, Sandrine Pac-Kenny, Louise Kennedy, Eleanor Methven, Amanda Piesse, Vanessa Ronan, Mark Pollock, Simone George, Sharon OHalloran, Rosita Sweetman, Noel Rock, TD, Aideen Nic An Tuile, Lainey Alexander, DYT, Grinne Clear, Colm Keegan, Angela Carr, PJ Lynch, Carol McGill, Marie Claire Mundi Njong, Jean Marie Rukundo Philemon, Sinisa Koncic, Annet Mphapale, Lauren Foley, Sam Tranum, Brian Conaghan, Jane Mitchell, Daria Marie Walsh, Julie-Ann Lyons, Paul H. Tubb, Una Kavanagh, Alice Kinsella, Aoife Carrigy, Aisling OSullivan

This one-off fundraising event is in aid of L'cole Laque du Chemin des Dunes, to buy dictionaries and other basic items, and to provide emergency assistance to unaccompanied minors and those most in need in the camp.

Odyssey: A Continuous Reading for Calais is a one-off event. The charity donation page will be closed down on 31 August. All monies collected will be used to order and mail dictionaries, and to purchase basic phones and/or credit, to buy gas canisters, or whatever is of most urgency at time of collection.

For the school, what is most needed are multiple copies of dictionaries: Pashtun, Dari (Afghan Persian), Kurdish, Sorani (variant of Kurdish) and Arabic into French and/or English. Chairs and other basic items are also needed.

However, the camp situation is precarious and volatile, and there are rumours of some or all of it being destroyed in early September. When the southern half was razed in March 2016, some 100 minors went missing. According to those caring for them in the camp at the moment, around 65 unaccompanied minors have no phones, so they urgently need basic mobile phones and phone credit, which could make all the difference to their safety. In addition to this, there's currently a food shortage in the camp. The kitchens provide 4,000 meals per day. In the last census there were 9,000 people registered. Recently the authorities closed down the restaurants which supplemented the free meals, so one of the most requested items is fuel for cooking, as people receive a weekly food parcel. 1 gas canister costs 30 and will feed a family for 1 month or a community for 2 weeks. We will be responding to a fast-evolving situation as appropriately and effectively as we can with all monies raised.

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