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Connect Mental Health

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Connect Mental Health is run entirely by a core group of volunteers with the support of the HSE, DLDC and Mental Health Ireland. Our aim is to raise awareness of mental health issues in Donegal through educational seminars, digital media, workshops and events. Here you will find information on our upcoming events and workshops, how to find and access local supports in Donegal, inspirational talks and information on your own mental health and how you can support others. 


Empower the local community to maintain and improve each others mental health and well-bein


Through educational seminars, digital media, workshops and events, Connect Mental Health aims to:

  • Improve the understanding of suicidal behaviour, mental health and wellbeing and associated protective and risk factors
  • Increase awareness of available mental health services

About Connect Mental Health

Connect Mental Health was founded in January 2015 to help raise awareness of mental health issues in South Donegal. Through events, digital media and educational seminars we hope to empower the local community with practical tools and advice on how to improve and maintain their mental health.

To date we have delivered:

Connect Mental Health 2016 
8th – 15th October
A week long programme of school workshops, film screening, youth conference, business workshop, community conference and educational workshops.

Connect Mental Health 2015
8th -10th October
Three day programme of school workshops, film screenings, workshops for adults and a community conference

Connect Mental Health has also partnered with national mental health organisations to bring mental health workshops to the South Donegal community. We partnered with Aware to bring their renowned 6 week Life Skills Programme to Ballyshannon in November 2016. The Programme began on 8th November and was attended by 26 people for the duration of the programme. This programme was delivered free of charge to attendees. We also partnered with Suicide or Survive to bring their 1x full day Wellness Workshop to Cashelard on 21st Jan 2016. This workshop was attended by 38 people. This programme was also delivered free of charge to attendees. 

We have also participated in school workshops, business wellness weeks and other community events.




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