Online Fundraising for Clubs, Schools and Causes

Galway Ladies Senior Football Team will be ditching their smartphones for an app free one for the month of June ie: a basic calls/txt only one.

•    Raise awareness amongst young people about their reliance on mobile phones and the effect it has on their mental health.
•    To encourage them to leave their mobile phones down when in company and appreciate the people in the room. 
•    To raise funds for people with mental health issues via Pieta House.

How the funds will be raised:
Panel members will be split up into groups of three and asked to raise €1000. They will be able to do this on several levels ie: Personally or via a web link where people can donate online at any time and leave a message. Each group will be responsible for their own online page ie: Upkeep, design and publicity. We will use iFundraise for this.


Contact Details

Tuam, Tuam, Galway, 97