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Aaron & Eoin's Canine Companion

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We are working along with My Canine Companion to raise enough money to provide Eoin with a much needed Autism Assistance Dog.

Eoin is 2 years old and was diagnosed in November 2014 with moderate-severe Autism, low muscle tone, T9q and is completely non verbal. Eoin's older brother Aaron, who is 4 years old was diagnosed in November 2013 with moderate Autism and is pre-verbal.

For Eoin the dog will offer an enhanced level of independence while providing for his emotional, physical, and safety needs.

Examples of how a Service Dog helps a child and his/her family living with Autism.


  • The dogs will help increase safety levels and alleviates bolting behaviours.
  • Will act as an anchor when tethered to the child.
  • Provides independence as the child doesnt have to hold the parents hand as sometimes just holding hands can be a major sensory issue for people with Autism.
  • Provides greater freedom to go out in public thanks to the calming effect of the dog.
  • Helps with transitioning which leads to reduced stress levels and a more positive experience for all.
  • Acts as a constant companion, offering unconditional love and friendship to the child. It is common for children with Autism to find themselves isolated on a daily basis.

Any and all help is gratefully appricated by our family, as an Autism dog will impact us all as a family and hopefully make it possible and easier for the boys to participate in regular outings and activities. 




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