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Jump Autism Support

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Jump was set up by Emma Thorpe and Suzanne O'Connor, parents of children with autism, to allow their children to have the same opportunities to grow and develop as that of regularly developing children. 

Stress is a big issue for the children and their families who often feel isolated. The child's weaknesses are often the focus and they are not placed in new situations out of fear of how they will react. Jump Autism Support aims to give these children a chance to do normal childhood activities that will naturally bring on their development, in a supervised and appropriate setting. We also aim to do this at a price which is affordable for all families and will not put further strain on their limited resources. 

Early intervention is key, but it does not exist publically in any meaningful way. Families are left frustrated and in turn the children can become more stressed. Jump Autism Support aims to provide children with a chance to access therapies and activities that were previously inaccessible/unaffordable. We started with a Summer camp to with close to a 1:1 ratio of qualified staff to children. It was an innovative design which focused on fun child friendly activities with every opportunity taken to expose the children to new experiences e.g sports day, Gymboree, music, soft-pay, ice-cream truck, Zoo animal visit, Lego club amongst the activities. We have had similar camps at regular intervals (midterm brakes etc) 

We have also ran numerous social skills groups with the help of experiences Speech and Language and Play therapists. These groups are very important in developing play and social skills while supported in a understanding environment. Jump Autism Support have been approved by Trinity College Dublin as an approved organisation for their students to gain practical experience (Psychology, Occupational Therapy and ABA students) and they have assisted in the running of these groups. 

We further developed our offering and devised a course ran by world renowned Occupational and Speech and Language Therapists. The group was limited to 4 children and they worked with these professionals for 2 hours a week, for 6 weeks. The children benefitted hugely with this direct and consistent access and enjoyed a course that would not be affordable privately. 

The weekly activities put on for these children to attend are just as important. They allow the children to have fun in a relaxed environment and give them a chance to learn new skills and get out of the house! Hip-Hop, Karate, Drum Circles and Jujitsu have all been made available for the children to try and have all been tailored to their needs. 

Other activities such as Horse riding, a Christmas party and fun days out have been arranged and give parents a chance to bring their child to activities to see how they cope/flourish where otherwise they might never have tried it. 

Direct one on one subsidised appointments have started thorough Jumps Speech and Language Therapist and we aim to launch Occupational Therapy appointments in the very near future. 

Jump continues to grow and the demand for our services are greater than ever. We aim to grow with this demand and hope to make a real difference in the lives of our children. We do not put any money into advocacy or awareness and feel we are best served by putting 100% of our funds directly into enriching these children's childhoods. We have no public funding and have achieved this through hard work and direct fund-raising. We are constantly oversubscribed and the demand for the service is obvious.   

No wages or expenses are taken from anyone involved in this organisation and we are now supported by a wonderful group of parents who have come together to support us and work towards creating better services for their children.

Due to the increase in services (and projected increase) the next step is securing a premises of our own- this will allow for more capacity and flexibility in what we provide and will make the running of Jump a lot smoother. We are currently looking at rental properties and are seeking support in the form of a donation to cover these costs.



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